The Development Trend and Application of Internet of Things

The Internet of things is a part of the Internet. At first, people communicate with each other through Internet. After that, with the progress of technology and the development of the times, there is a need for things to be connected to each other and to transmit data through the Internet. So, it is called IOT. According to authoritative forecasts, the global Internet of things business has ushered in a high-speed growth inflection point from 2018 to 2019, the number of connections will grow at double-digit rate each year, and the global connections number will grow more rapidly in 2020. Looking at the IOT pattern, we have found four business models of IOT, which may increase the existing market share of enterprises or new target customers, and can effectively reduce operating costs. In addition, they can create new revenue opportunities and bring more value to enterprises.

According to a review published by U.S. Pioneer Evening News, ESC is committed to the blockchain technology and application of IOT, leading our human beings to enter a reliable digital life, and establishing a new commercial ecological system of interconnectedness of all things and positive development and forming the new concept of the “valuable Internet of Things”. The market demand of this technology is huge in the future, and the application and promotion field has strong conversion value. Recently, ESC is still in a good investment environment. According to reports, the ESC research fund team co-signed a strategic partnership contract with Accenture Co.,Ltd. to achieve “resource sharing and win-win cooperation”. In addition, the two sides are also exploring deeper cooperation, which will bring a market value of US $20 billion for ESC.

In May 2020, Bitcoin will usher in the third halving. From the historical review, it will bring a new upsurge and attention to the whole cryptocurrency market, and will inevitably make the value of ESC rise again; From the analysis of ESC market trend, it went up rapidly after adjustment in early November, and formed a strong support level near the shock of 0.002075 horizontal market. On November 12, the support level was confirmed again. At present, the price is still rising, which is in line with confirming and breaking through the new high again, indicating that ESC is absolutely bull market. In the short-term, if ESC can stand firm near $20, form a rectangular concussion platform and keep going upward, the price could reach $50 in the coming weeks. There will be higher prices by the beginning of 2020.

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