Explains the Benefits of Custom Car Shades Explains the Benefits of Custom Car Shades

Everybody loves the summer heat, but what feels like a beautiful day outside can become a sweltering nightmare inside of a vehicle. That’s why every driver should have sun shades for his or her car. Read on to find out about the benefits of keeping cars cool with the Best Windshield Sun Shades For Cars: Block Out The Sun Inside Your Vehicle.

Maximum Protection

According to, custom shades provide the best protection for modern vehicles. That’s because they’re designed to fit each model’s window and windshield size. Every model of car is a little different, so universal shades almost always allow some sun in around the edges, while custom shades cover every inch to provide maximum protection.

Easy to Install

Custom sun shades are easier to install and take down than universal shades. That’s because they’re designed to provide a perfect fit. There’s no messing around with the edges trying to figure out how to block out the most sun since the whole windshield will be covered. Plus, there’s no need for magnets, suction cups, or adhesives since these shades snap in place and detach with ease.

Simple Storage

Like universal sun shades, custom sun shades can be collapsed for easy storage. They come with a storage bag for easier transport as well. While it’s true that they might take up a little more space than smaller models of universal sun shades, drivers will still find that they can keep them in their cars without worrying about taking up too much valuable cargo space. Most drivers keep them folded up on the backside of the rear seats.

Improved Comfort

Custom sun shades aren’t just great for preventing sunlight from making the car excessively hot while it’s parked. The back window shades can also be used while driving to provide kids and other backseat riders with a more comfortable environment. Besides blocking out excess UV light, they also prevent glare, making it easier for passengers to read or watch videos on their phones.

They’re Completely Legal

There are regulations governing how much window tinting drivers can apply to their cars, but since sun shades are removable, they’re completely legal. While no one would advise drivers to drive around with a sunshade on the car’s windshield, there’s nothing wrong with applying them to the back windows while in motion. Drivers won’t have to worry about getting pulled over and paying for costly tickets when they opt for sun shades over window tinting.

Increased Comfort

The best thing about custom sun shades is that they create a more comfortable environment. Preventing excess heat transfer while the car is parked means there’s no need to suffer until the AC kicks on and applying the shades to the rear windows keeps out glare. It’s a win-win.

Learn More Today

Still not sure if custom sun shades are worth the money? Check out these extra resources. Drivers can also visit a place like QuikSnap online to learn more about one company that provides high-quality, custom-fitted shades for over 200 car brands to get their searches started.

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