Artist Dhampir releases his new track “No Money” about staying happy while working on a difficult job

Daniil Vavenkov, born on July 1, 1998, in Dimitrovgrad, Russia popularly goes by the name of “Dhampir” in the music industry. He makes Hip Hop music in English and plans to release Pop music in the near future. He has recently launched his song “No Money” on major music platforms where the artist says that he works as an electrician and the work is very difficult with a small salary. In addition to work, he has other problems in life too but he is not upset and continues to rejoice. In one of the paragraphs, he also says that he likes listening to Drake’s music.

Growing up, Dhampir was inspired by a lot of artists like Eminem, 2pac, N.W.A., Marky Mark, Guns n’ Roses, Sex Pistols, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Chris Brown, Nickelback, Taylor Swift and among others. His music is mainly inspired by the various experiences in his life and the situations he has come across. He says, “Everything that happens to me, I express with my music”.

As a Hip-Hop artist based in Russia, his best way to promote music in America is through the internet. He has grown up loving American music, films, and culture and despite the fact that the music industry is poorly developed, he is doing his best to make his name in the Hip Hop industry.

Dhampir is currently working as an independent artist but he would like to with Universal Music, Warner Music, and Sony Music in the near future.

Below is the first paragraph of the song, “No Money” –

Baby, I have no money,
I am an electrician, with a small salary,
The work is difficult, not easy,
This is not a fairy tale, run away from me or you’ll see anger of the dhampir.
Baby, I have no money,
There is no support and it’s not funny,
Don’t talk to me because I am angry,
This is not a fairy tale, run away from me or you’ll see anger of the dhampir.

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