Mr To Duc Duong To Launch World’s First Profit-Sharing Crypto-Wallet Hodl Token is the world’ first-ever profit-sharing crypto wallet that is powered with Hydra artificial intelligent. It allows investors to store all of their crypto assets through the usage of 4th generation blockchain wallet.

Beijing, Republic of China – November 19, 2019 – CEO of Hao Thien Thai International Corporation announced the launch of the world’s first-ever profit-sharing cryptocurrency wallet called Hodl Token Wallet. The wallet is created in association with Infinity Technology Co Ltd and is powered by Hydra Artificial intelligence. This cryptocurrency wallet is a 4th generation blockchain wallet.

Hodltokenwallet allows its investors to store all their crypto assets in the wallet and earn 15% of the total amount without any risk. The wallet is predicted to have an appreciation of a minimum of 1000% to a maximum of 100,000% in the upcoming years. Anyone interested in storing their cryptocurrency in the wallet can do so within the next few hours.

Hodl token wallet is quite easy to operate since it allows investors to withdraw their crypto money instantaneously because of its in-built withdrawal feature. Any investor will be able to receive the earned-money of their token through ether. Ether lets investors gain the maximum price on their stored crypto assets and while exchanging their assets.

Through the said wallet, investors may store up to twenty different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Hodl token does not charge any broker or exit fee. The only fee payable by the investors is the management fees that is 1% of the total stored amount. Investors can access the wallet pretty easily by activating the Hydra Artificial Intelligence Bot.

The wallet is the brainchild of Mr To Duc, who has achieved extraordinary things in his career. In the press interview, he said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of This wallet has been a dream of mine for a long time. We are proud of ourselves since the wallet is one of the smartest crypto-wallet that shares its profits with its investors. The project is going to have a bright future.”

About Mr To Duc Duong

Mr To Duc Duong was not only the CEO of Hao Thien International Corporation, but he is the current president of the Chinese Car Alliance. He was earlier the senior researcher of the Chinese Institute of Scientific Management and the executive chairman of China Investment committee in Madagascar, Africa. Apart from the said designations, Mr To Duc Duong is the ambassador of the Royal Indonesian Charity Ambassador and the management expert for Chinese Defence Science and Technology Institute. He is among the top 10 entrepreneurs in Chinese energy-saving solution and among the senior ten leaders who have the answers to reduce environmental emissions. Mr To Duc Duong has also been awarded the innovation of brand development awards and as an outstanding -contributors to Science and Technology Institute.

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