Promotes Using Toolbox Topics to Help Prevent Construction Site Accidents Promotes Using Toolbox Topics to Help Prevent Construction Site Accidents

Reports show America’s construction sector has seen considerable growth over the last few years. According to the latest figures, more than 10 million people currently spend their working days on construction sites. With the exception of a brief downturn in 2010, this number has been steadily increasing over the past decade. As the number of people employed in this sector continues to rise, so does the volume of accidents and injuries occurring each year.

Delving Deeper into Common Construction Accidents

Based on recent reports from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, at least one in 10 construction workers is injured on the job each year. OSHA further points out the majority of these injuries fall into 10 specific categories. Falls from significant heights are among the most common of these with improperly constructed or utilized scaffolding being a common culprit. 

Slip or trip-and-fall accidents are also top concerns for construction workers. According to and other sources, a wide range of safety hazards can cause injuries from such incidents, not the least of which are ice and leaving tools and materials lying around. Certain substances being spilled on the ground and not cleaned up promptly can cause workers to slip as well. 

Yet another safety topic often discussed on construction safety platforms like toolbox topics is proper use of tools and machinery. From cranes and forklifts to jackhammers and circular saws, all these pieces of equipment can certainly cause serious injuries if not used correctly. Of course, extreme caution also comes into play when it comes to accident prevention. 

Based on information from OSHA as well as the legal sector, being caught in between objects also causes a number of injuries and deaths on construction sites each year. In such cases, workers are trapped between falling and swinging objects or vehicles and walls or other fixed obstacles. This can lead to internal injuries, loss of limbs and oxygen deprivation among other issues. 

Beating the Odds

In an effort to prevent injuries and deaths on construction sites, OSHA has put a long list of rules and regulations into play. Tools like ForConstructionPros App of the Week: Safety Meeting App have also been developed to help foster workplace safety. These options aid in weighing OSHA’s safety regulations against on-site accidents and near misses.

Studies conducted by a long list of agencies and researchers are showing a definitive link between inadequate training and construction accidents. Lack of caution when working and operating machinery has also emerged as a leading cause of injuries and death. That being said, numerous solutions are available for construction companies and site managers looking for ways to improve safety and lower their accident rates.

Some companies continue to rely on conventional accident prevention methods involving pen-and-paper sign-in sheets, impromptu discussions and paper logs or disorganized spreadsheets. Though these have been used for recording information about accidents and safety meetings for quite some time, they’re not exactly efficient by today’s standards. More updated and connected alternatives such as those available through companies like Raken may provide a more effective solution.

Training is a key component in preventing construction site injuries. Raising awareness of the common dangers involved in the industry is effective as well. With certain recently developed tools of the trade, bringing the two together is simpler than ever.

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