Innovative Litigation Financing Company Offers Risk-Free Service That Covers Entire Divorce Costs (Scheidung Kosten)

Scheidungshilfe is an Austrian litigation financing company that has created the best divorce financing service in the country. Their unique way of doing business sees them shoulder all the risks associated with divorce proceeding costs, spousal maintenance, and divorce settlements.

The company has handled more than a hundred cases successfully, and their clients have been really satisfied. Their no risk service covering divorce costs (scheidung kosten) has been a real haven for those going through the hard process of divorce. Anyone who is tired of hanging in a marriage because of the fear of financial obligation can now take solace in their offer.

Scheidungshilfe was established to help people who might be going through different kinds of litigation, especially divorce litigation in Australia, the chance to fight with a clear head and not be constrained by limited finance. The company focuses on the cost of divorce, the cost of spousal maintenance (ehegattenunterhalt), and several other divorce situations. The company, which has been around for a long time and which has provided service to hundreds of people, has redefined the way litigation financing is done. In cases of consensual divorce (einvernehmliche scheidung), the company goes with their clients all the way, including negotiations, settlements, and spousal support. They have been called a haven of comfort for the love-grieving souls. Their risk-free service covering all costs for divorce makes them so.

In an interview granted by the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Andreas Gselmann, it was revealed that the risk-free financing that the company offers is not just a mantra, it is displayed in reality. The CEO said, “Many companies promise what they cannot do. they create a marketing mantra that they don’t follow in practice. Our company is different in that every promise we make to our clients, no matter how high sounding they may be, are true. Our risk-free financing promise is real, and we have hundreds of satisfied clients to prove it.” He further said, “Our commitment is to help those who need a way out and who may not have the capacity to bear the huge divorce costs (scheidung kosten) and spousal maintenance (ehegattenunterhalt)costs, with their burden.”

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While speaking about how the company works, Mr. Andreas Gselmann said, “We help clients from offering legal advice to helping with the actual financing of the divorce process. We have a highly experienced team of lawyers who have been in the field for several years and who know just how to approach every case. They are also professional risk managers who know how to put out fires. We also have master negotiators who help facilitate negotiations for consensual divorce (einvernehmliche scheidung). Clients can feel safe with us knowing we have got them covered.”

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