Unleashing Your Mindset Develops Self Awareness And Emotional Connection FOR PTSD Resilience and Prevention

USA – Unleashing Your Mindset, a self-help company committed to building resilience in others, help people overcome hardships, manage stress, prevent or tackle PTSD, and develop coping skills so they can maintain a positive mindset.

Unleashing Your Mindset is a leading provider of self-empowerment courses, lectures, and seminars. Offering personal development, mindset, and stress management courses for business and life. People, organizations, and employees can learn how to undertake a life transformation in easy steps while managing anxiety and stress, and identifying and removing negative, limiting and false self-beliefs.

“Excellent”, commented Dr. Rogé, Neonatal Intensive Care Specialist at Aconcagua Base Camp. “Not only did it help me learn more tools to deal with stress, but it was a walk through the different phases and choices I took to do this type of work that I love so much. [..] Tommy, who works in a similar line of work, understands it and lives it as he transmits it. I have read about Stress Management and PTSD prevention, but Tommy is excellent and talks about his own experiences.”

Lectures and seminars, which have been delivered to audiences at conferences and professional gatherings around the world, have helped people cope with the high stakes demands and stress of their life and work. Such efforts have produced resilient, self-aware people who can better encounter and manage stress, prevent PTSD, and performance demands as they arise in both professional and personal settings.

“Excellent and needed,” remarked Alan Harmon, Battalion Chief at Livonia Fire and Rescue in Michigan. “Tommy [Walker] has great insight and knowledge on the subject. Finally, someone is addressing the problem before PTSD becomes a reality.”

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About Tommy Walker

For many years, Walker has been teaching prehospital emergency care in the United States. From his beginnings, he decided to study prehospital emergency care in order to help others.

In 2003, he started an emergency care and rescue training facility in Argentina, which he has been leading since then. More than 15 years later, the facility is amongst the most recognized in Latin America. Since 2003, he has been working to help others develop their fullest potential in emergency care by overcoming the persistent presence of suffering and death, high-stress situations, and negative mindsets.

In 2009, upon meeting his mentor, he began a life of personal development to heal old traumas and free himself from bad habits, false beliefs, and limitations. In 2016, with a multidisciplinary team of health care and emergency personnel, psychologists, counselors and therapists, he began to offer lectures and seminars to share tools to help health care and emergency response professionals manage day-to-day stress.

An expert in the field, Walker has lectured at conferences around the world, including in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. More than 2,000 people have been able to see Walker’s seminars on resilience and stress management, and he continues to help people worldwide overcome negative, limiting, false beliefs, and stress while sharing helpful tools and techniques for resilience and PTSD prevention.

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