Niche Edits is Offering Websites, Brands, and e-Commerce Businesses a New Way to Increase Traffic to Their Site

There is a new player in the digital marketing game and it’s called Niche Edits. Similar to content creation but also quite different, this is a novel way to increase a site’s traffic without having to create new content.

Niche Edits has been making waves all over the online world. Many have considered it similar to content creation but niche edits are a completely different service. It is also known by its other name, contextual links, and it means using curated links to aid in building marketing strategies for brands and online businesses. Niche edits are closely associated with backlinks, a term used to describe links serving as anchor links that are linked back to a third party site. A niche edit, on the other hand, is links that are inserted in quality aged blog posts, or guest posts that already exist online. To summarize, older posts or content are edited by adding links to the webpage because these pages have already been ranked and indexed by Google.

In creating niche edits, users have to consider three main things: relevance of the post to the user’s content, the authority of the page where the link is placed, and the number of links already in place in the site. Having said these, it can be inferred that niche edits offer users a more powerful way to market a brand’s site. This is due to the fact that niche edits offer better quality links to a given site. There’s no need to create new guest posts in order to market a site, one simply has to add relevant links on an already existing post and traffic will soon increase to that linked site. Niche edits also allow brands to save on having to pay for the creation of guest posts.

Then there are 301 Backlinks. These are authority sites that have published a lot of content and have a huge online following. They often benefit other sites by linking to them in one of their content. The catch is, it’s very hard to get these 301 Backlinks. But is offering a convenient way for sites to capture a slice of their traffic by incorporating their site’s link in one of the authority’s site older contents that have expired. NicheEdits scours the web for these expired sites and once they’ve identified these, they are free to take over the expired domain and registering it again. Once that’s done, they can now 301 direct the domain back to their customer’s site to boost their traffic flow.

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