Kanturo Launch New Blue Light Glasses to Meet Christmas ’19 Demand

Irish based blue light eyewear company Kanturo has launched their new Dawn Blue range of glasses to meet upcoming demand for the Christmas season.

With the growing need for convenient solutions to eye strain from over exposure to device screens, the new range follows on from Kanturo’s recent success of surpassing 32,000 pairs of blue light glasses sold so far in 2019.

Demand for glasses like these is on the rise as consumers are researching more about the damaging effect of blue light and seeking out non-prescription options.

New research from Market Study Report shows that the blue light market could potentially see an 8.3% CAGR increase over the next five years in the U.S. alone. And with a majority of consumers now spending more time in front of screens, products which combat any potential long-term issues for the eyes are being sought out.

Kanturo provides a budget-friendly option for consumers, especially in the lead up to Christmas.

Blue Light Glasses in Time for Christmas

The Original Blue Light Glasses are created in a sleek design to give customers a fashionable option when choosing blue light glasses.

Blue light glasses are becoming a popular choice for anyone who has to work with screens all day long or spend prolonged periods looking at a tablet or mobile phone screen.

With a recent study by Eye Health UK highlighting that 85 per cent of workers could be suffering from screen fatigue just from working in front of a computer, there is a growing need for simple solutions to avoid blue light exposure.

Kanturo hopes that the new glasses will provide something of a trendy stocking filler for consumers who are buying screen-based devices as presents this Christmas. The original product comes in three different colours and ships directly in the UK and Ireland.

The product is also aimed at gamers and mobile phone users who would be prone to longer gaming sessions or binging their favourite shows on small screens, and younger users who would be using tablets and laptops in the evening in a manner which could affect sleep patterns.

About Kanturo

Kanturo is a leading online store specialising in blue light glasses. Their products help consumers who want to avoid eye strain from exposure to screens throughout the day.

Their range of glasses reduces blue light exposure and is aimed at improving sleep cycles & eye health. To date, over 600,000 users have visited the Kanturo site in search of blue light glasses.

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