Explains If It Is Still Safe to Travel Australia? Explains If It Is Still Safe to Travel Australia?

Australia is one of the premier destinations for English-speaking tourists and with good reason. The island nation is known for its beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife, and vibrant culture. Unfortunately, some areas of Australia have recently been experiencing catastrophic wildfires. Read on to find out about the Australia warning: Fires pose ‘catastrophic’ threat to the country – is it safe to travel?

How Bad Are the Fires?

More than 120 bushfires were reported across two different states and these devastating fires were severe enough to cause both NSW and Queensland to declare a catastrophic state of emergency. Multiple people have died, and thousands have been forced to evacuate.

Predictions for the Future

Unfortunately, officials do not expect the fires raging across NSW and Queensland to stop anytime soon. Current weather conditions, including much above-average temperatures, below-average rainfall, and gusty winds, are making it difficult to control the fires. It could take weeks, or even months, to get the fires completely under control.

Is There a Travel Ban?

Despite the ongoing fires, there is no official ban against entering Australia as a tourist. Don’t be surprised if some areas of the affected states are closed to visitors, though, as fire and smoke could pose health and safety concerns. According to much of the country is still open to tourism.

Areas to Avoid

Obviously, individuals and families planning trips to Australia within the coming months should avoid NSW and Queensland. There are also several other areas of the country experiencing problems with wildfires this year. Recent fires in Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territory have been far less devastating, but it’s still worth taking the time to look these up before planning trips to those areas.

Is it Worth Making the Trip?

While residents of the affected states and territories have every reason to be concerned and tourists have every reason to avoid these areas, there is no need to cancel plans to visit the country at this time. Australia still has plenty to offer intrepid tourists as long as they are willing to change any plans that involve visiting areas affected by the wildfires. Try planning trips to the country’s other beautiful beaches or vibrant cities instead.

The Easiest Solution

The easiest solution for intrepid travelers who want to see Australia but don’t want to subject themselves to potential risks is to work with a travel agent who knows the country and is familiar with current weather events. A travel agent like those working for Global Basecamps can plan alternative itineraries to accommodate official evacuations and tourists’ safety concerns without compromising their vacations.

There’s no changing the weather, but officials are doing everything possible to contain and control the Australia wildfires. Those who can afford to change their travel plans may want to reschedule their vacations, but if time is of the essence, there’s nothing wrong with altering the itinerary to visit Australia’s many other natural and man-made attractions. If nothing else, the country can certainly use tourist revenue.

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