Why Confusing Laws over Guardianship and Wills are Being Solved by Strong Legal Support

With many complex areas of law in most aspects of life, it can be beneficial to secure the right level of legal expertise to ensure the best protection is in place. Matters relating to wills and trusts, personal injury, elder law and guardianships are particularly emotional issues that have considerable impact on people’s lives.

Given the gaps in data collection across US states and nationwide, it is perhaps no surprise that guardianship remains an area of complex law, with even terminology differing within states and a lack of consistent chronicling of case management issues. With long-running issues with abuse and exploitation blighting the adult guardianship field for decades, repeated changes have been made to laws but it has largely created confusion without actually fixing all the problems.

Why the right legal protection makes the difference

“The area of adult and child guardianship remains a very complex and emotive aspect of law,” says a spokesperson for Hawbaker Law, an estate law attorney based in Georgia. “With the consequences of getting guardianship wrong likely to affect individuals for the rest of their lives, having knowledgeable legal support to provide guidance through local state processes can prevent problems occurring later on.”

Careful, thorough estate planning is another area of law with long-standing consequences for people’s lives. The proliferation of DIY estate planning websites has tempted many people away from what they perceive to be expensive legal routes, but these cheaper short cut approaches risk leaving numerous gaps in the process, which can lead to court involvement and general confusion further down the line.

Hawbaker Law advises clients on wills, trusts and all aspects of estate planning, ensuring people retain control of their assets even after death. “Planning for events post-death is not something any of us want to think about,” added the spokesman, “but putting the right things in place early on means people can rest assured their loved ones will be suitably cared for after they have gone.”

Planning long-term care for older people

The cost of care for older people is a bleak reality for many people, especially those that don’t have family around who can help take care of them. Add the problem of unlicensed care homes and the overall issue of long-term care becomes quite a challenging area to navigate. The cost of long-term care can leave personal assets vulnerable and there are some cases where people have lost their savings and homes because of the cost of care.

Again, the solution lies in good planning. “As with wills, the cost of long-term care – when we all reach that advanced age where health conditions become a regular obstacle – is not something many of us want to think about,” said the spokesperson, “but it really pays to commit to solid financial planning.

“At Hawbaker Law we can work with clients to identify various solutions to the issues of funding long-term care. From making use of long-term care plans and Medicaid planning, to using a special needs trust or Veterans Administration trust, there are options available and we will support clients in understanding and choosing the most appropriate for them.”

About Hawbaker Law

Hawbaker Law is based in Griffin, Georgia, and specializes in elder law and estate planning matters, alongside probate and estate administration. It is headed up by attorney Donald Hawbaker, who is experienced as both a trial lawyer and negotiator.  Mr. Hawbaker qualified in law in 1979.  

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