Eidelman and Associates Helps Clients Through the Entire Divorce Process

Divorce can be a challenging experience for every member of the family. Some couples are sad or angry when they divorce, or one party may want to end the marriage while the other does not. When a couple decides they no longer want to be married, they will have to separate their assets, discuss how to go from living in one home to two separate residences and determine custody of their children. Eidelman and Associates offers a qualified team who is experienced with divorce and sensitive to the needs of your family. The group of lawyer services clients in the Allentown area and works to provide the best outcome for you and your family.

Eidelman and Associates is well-versed in divorce law and can help divorcing couples receive the assets they deserve once they end their marriage. For instance, if one parent will have primary custody of the children, this parent will likely be awarded the family home. The other parent will have to move out of the home the couple once shared, and will likely be ordered to pay child support, which is income-based.

Additional expenses pertaining to divorce and parenting are evaluated during the divorce process as well. For instance, it may be best to work with a lawyer to determine which parent will pay for children’s schooling and health care. When it comes to assets, such as valuable items or business ownership, a divorce attorney from Eidelman and Associates will work with couples to make sure all assets are awarded fairly.

Divorce is easier said than done, and some couples would prefer to engage in mediation instead of taking their divorce to court. The ending of a marriage can be emotional, and there are times when a spouse may change their mind about previous agreements. Eidelman and Associates specializes in divorce mediation, so that couples peacefully end their marriage. In some instances, some couples need to speak with an unbiased party to reduce disputes and get accurate information on the legal rights awarded to divorcing couples.

In terms of child custody, the Eidelman and Associates legal team can assist families in ensuring children are properly cared for. Children who are of age to express their opinion can tell a lawyer or mediator which parent they would prefer to live with, or whether they would like to split their time between both parents. During the divorce process, lawyers and mediators will also evaluate each parent to determine which parent is best suited for caring for children or if both parents should be awarded custody equally.

Eidelman and Associates also works with couples who are embarking on high net worth divorces and can assist individuals who need business litigation. If you are planning on starting a business after your divorce, you can speak with a member of the legal team about signing the right documents and engaging in the correct processes to run a successful corporation.

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