How the Growth in Cycling is Helping Win the Fight For Mental Health Wellbeing

For many people, the great outdoors is an invigorating experience – but why do so many people feel they just don’t spend enough time getting close to nature? Despite nine out of ten people saying that nature makes them feel happier and healthier, there are still the obstacles of apathy, laziness and over-reliance on the convenience of home life blocking too many people from reaping the full health benefits of outdoor life.

Time spent in nature can be particularly beneficial for mental health wellbeing, affecting physical factors such as blood pressure and heart rate, while also relaxing people to the point that they are no longer in the persistent ‘fight or flight’ mode that is the hallmark of so many modern working lives. And with other benefits for physical health, the environment and even people’s finances, the appeal of spending more time outdoors seems obvious.

The many benefits of cycling

Among all the outdoor pursuits, cycling remains one of the most dynamic and exciting. Cyclists can opt for leisurely bike rides through picturesque territory, while cycling also has a practical use as a healthier form of commuting. Other keen cyclists may prefer the heightened adrenaline of mountain biking, where powerful machines are taken at high speeds through rugged terrain and steep hillsides. Whatever the preference, cycling is growing in popularity as the decades pass by, although excessive traffic still poses a barrier in cities and townships.

“Cycling on the whole is becoming a reality for more people as urban areas see more bike-friendly initiatives such as separate cycle lanes,” says a spokesperson for RSD Bikes, a Toronto-based company that scopes and builds bespoke fat and mountain bikes for cycling enthusiasts around the world. “This in turn has led to a heightened interest in other forms of cycling, such as mountain biking and cycling over rougher tracks and terrains.”

Saving money and the environment through cycling

With pollution from cars and trucks as big a problem as ever in today’s world, cycling offers a green alternative that has zero impact on the environment. And the financial savings can be huge: money saved on petrol costs, car insurance and general upkeep of a vehicle is potentially thousands each year. While the impact on the finances of health services can also be considerable, with average costs of inactivity and obesity estimated to be in the billions each year.

Other estimates point to physical inactivity causing billions to be lost in terms of economic productivity each year.

Why cycling can be an outdoor adventure

Technological advancements in cycling have seen the development of truly powerful models of mountain bikes, trail bikes and fat bikes, with durable frames, robust tires and tight braking systems allowing biking enthusiasts to explore increasingly uncharted territories. Cycling dynamics have been developed to the point of creating great speed and manoeuvrability in bikes.

“Cycling enthusiasts are demanding more from their riding experience as more and more people become accustomed to the pleasure of cycling,” says the RSD Bikes spokesperson. “Our range of bikes provides a mixture of style and performance, so even the most adventurous cyclists can rest assured that they have a bike that can handle whatever landscapes and climates are put in front of it – and look sleek and stylish while doing it.”

About RSD Bikes

RSD Bikes has operated since 2012 and is based in Toronto, Ontario. With shipping available beyond Canada and the US, RSD Bikes can provide partly-assembled bikes and separate bike parts to keen riders around the world.  

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