How Laser Treatment for Acne Scars is Changing the Industry

Acne is among the most common skin disorders affecting Canadians today. Despite the recommendation that anyone who has severe acne see a dermatologist to prevent long-term skin damage, few do. The reasons for this are varied, but usually come down to time and money. This does result in a need for companies, like Canada MedLaser, being needed to correct the problem, later.

By the time an adolescent has reached the age of eighteen, most of the skin damage that will result from acne has already been done. This leaves acne scars that can affect people for the rest of their lives. People with acne scarring tend to experience a range of psychological effects as a result of their condition.

Acne scarring is caused by deep tissue damage

Most of the population tends to think of those whiteheads or blackheads as the ones that create acne scars, but they’re usually not the culprit. It’s actually severe forms of acne, which are Acne Types Three and Four, which result in acne scarring. These types of acne are what cause acne nodules or cysts. These major forms of acne lie underneath the skin. It’s because of this that they can damage those deep layers and cause permanent acne scarring.

Who has a greater likelihood of getting acne scarring?

Touching acne or picking at it can cause scarring. The touching comes from germs on a person’s fingers. When they touch their acne, they can actually be making it worse by adding more bacteria to an already bad situation. Picking at acne is really picking at one’s skin, which can also cause scarring.

Genetics can also play a role. If people notice that their family members are prone to acne, then they are more likely to be prone to it as well. If the acne is severe, then acne scarring is more likely to occur.

Treating acne is also key to prevent scarring. If this isn’t done, then acne can get worse, and if left untreated, create scars.

The most effective treatment for acne scarring

There are a few different treatments available today to remove acne scarring. The most effective treatment, however, is to get laser treatment. This is because the other alternative is to get actual surgery to remove the scarring.

Although effective, surgical removal of acne scarring is both invasive and expensive. For those who prefer an effective treatment that doesn’t mean going under the knife, laser treatment for acne scars is considered fast and effective.

Laser treatments for acne scars only require a short session at a clinic and also have virtually no recovery time, meaning that people can get back to work right away. It’s also relatively inexpensive in comparison to surgery.

As always, be sure to consult with a doctor before making a decision on how to treat acne scarring.

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