How Quality Bedding Helps Against the Growing Problem of Disrupted Sleep

With studies showing that many people still struggle with quality of sleep, it is vital that all potential obstacles to a good night’s sleep are removed as far as possible. This includes ensuring quality bedding is in place and to do this it’s imperative to find the best mattress stores and mattress accessories, which can offer advanced bedding solutions with the bonus of convenient delivery methods, such as the bed in a box mattress.

There are many other causes of poor sleep, such as shift working, which disrupts circadian rhythms and poses extra challenges through over-exposure to bright light. With scientific research generally pointing to approximately eight hours’ sleep a night being the preferred goal, the consequences of falling well below this are numerous.

The health risks of insufficient sleep

There are several serious health risks stemming from a lack of quality sleep. People who are over-tired may suffer from slow reaction times and problems with memory, making decisions and concentrating on tasks. They are also at higher risk of heart attacks and strokes, and high blood pressure, while the immune system may also be affected which can lead to further illnesses. Poor sleep also affects appetite and hormone secretion, which can lead to weight gain and the risk of diabetes. Add to all this a general poor mood and quick temper, and low energy and a weakened libido, and poor quality sleep is damaging on various levels.

The consequences for children are even worse. Due to their rapid development, children of varying ages need higher amounts of sleep, yet studies show a high number of children who struggle with sleep – either dropping off, or staying asleep. As with adults, this can lead to poor mental health and physical exhaustion, with the added problem of hyperactivity.

What can people do to ensure good quality sleep?

While medication and psychological therapies can play a part, the advice on ensuring quality sleep also recommends a well-supported mattress and comfortable bedding. Mattress stores that provide the best quality of bedding and useful mattress accessories can play a major role in identifying the right kind of tailored solution, depending on each person’s sleep requirements.

“The right kind of bed can really make a difference for people’s physical health, particularly if they have issues with posture or something more serious such as arthritis and chronic back problems,” says a spokesperson for Sleepmasters, a bedding company providing mattresses and bed frames in numerous cities across Canada.

“It can even come down to choosing the right bed frame, as they can prevent sagging in a mattress and ensure it evenly distributes a person’s weight, giving their body the right level of support. At Sleepmasters we make the purchase and delivery of mattresses easy, thanks to our ‘Bed in a Box’ service, where mattresses are specially rolled up, stored in a box for delivery, and then gradually expanded over 24-48 hours to full size.”

Sleepmasters also sell mattress accessories, including bed frames and upholstered headboards that can ensure quality sleep and provide protection for nearby walls. Quality headboards also provide extra support for anyone who wants to sit up in bed and read or generally relax. 

About Sleepmasters

Sleepmasters sells a range of Canadian-manufactured mattresses, bed frames and headboards from its website and across a collection of showrooms in Montreal, Vancouver, Mississauga, Hamilton, Scarborough and Ottawa. They also provide fully customized options depending on individual needs. 

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