How Window Tinting is Tackling the Effects of UV and Eye Strain in the Workplace

Many people around the world have an occupation that sees them spend most of their day in an office. Even though offices seem generally safe, comfortable environments at first glance, there are actually hidden threats that can cause real issues for health and safety. Principal among these are a combination of UV rays, overheating and potential eye damage from screen glare – which can all be fixed through commercial window tinting.

Commercial window tinting is a process where a thin protective film is applied to office windows, slightly darkening them to not only keep out intrusive sunlight but also offering a greater level of privacy to building occupants. As a result, companies can save on their energy costs through better regulation of the building’s temperature.

How windows can damage your eyesight

Visual fatigue and eye discomfort when using a computer are seriously worsened by poor lighting conditions and screen glare. Excessive sunlight through windows can partly hide contents of work on a computer screen, forcing workers to stare harder to see the information. As workers constantly try to adapt to changing light levels, they can cause further discomfort to their eyes as well as shoulders and neck, from straining to try to read information.

There are strict requirements on lighting levels set out in some Canadian jurisdictions and specific guidance for workers who are using computer screens. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, computer monitors are particularly problematic because they act like a mirror, reflecting any additional light such as sunlight through a window, causing an increasingly intense glare that exacerbates eye strain.

Why windows provide an extra threat from UV rays

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are now very familiar to anyone who is aware of environmental issues worldwide. They are also another threat to office workers that can be diluted through the use of commercial window tinting, which uses its multiple layers to block out the most harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Statistics have shown that UV risks such as skin cancer are much higher in places with a higher UV index, while the Canadian Cancer Society has warned of the rise in melanoma cases – adding that 90% of cases are linked to UV exposure.

Health Canada even has its own specialist bureau to monitor the harmful effects of UV exposure and warns that the level of UV exposure can be high between 11am and 3pm – prime exposure time for office workers.

Saving power through cutting air conditioning

Another benefit of commercial window tinting is that it can keep offices cool, removing reliance on air conditioning. This is important because air conditioners are pollutants, and are also harmful to the environment because of the amount of energy they use. A report has warned that global warming is leading to a huge growth in air conditioning use, with Manitoba leading the way on Canadian household air conditioning use.

“At Auto Boss Vaughan, we apply our successful window tinting service for cars to commercial buildings to great effect,” says a spokesperson for the Ontario-based firm. “These have practical and aesthetic benefits for buildings due to their cooling, light-reducing abilities, and the fact they make buildings look sleek and stylish from the outside.”

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