London’s Legend Solicitors Helps Immigrants Understand their Rights After Brexit

London’s Legend Solicitors Helps Immigrants Understand their Rights After Brexit

London, UK – Legend Solicitorsis a team of immigration lawyers helping immigrants understand their rights amidst the Queen of England’s recent address. In her speech delivered from the House of Lords in mid-October, Queen Elizabeth II detailed a points-based immigration plan that will soon be implemented.

The plan will encourage immigrants to live outside of London. In theory, it will attract skilled workers to lesser-populated areas of England where they can become vital components of local industries.

This new system will be modelled after the one that’s currently in place in Australia. It is set to take effect in 2021, but the details of it were rolled out in the Queen’s recent speech on October 14th.As of January 2021, the new immigration bill will eliminate freedom of movement between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

This plan will provide migrants with “points” that will help them obtain visas. Applicants get more points for being of a young age and having a history of skilled employment and certain educational qualifications. Anyone unsure of their rights to live and work in the UK under these new stipulations are invited to contact Legends Solicitors, or visit them at their offices located at The solicitorsaim to help clients understand these changes and will be there guide them through uncertainties by spelling out the legal necessities.

Currently, the firm’s lawyers help clients obtain British citizenship through addressing the standard, residential, spousal, and child requirements for acquiring British citizenship. They also help clients obtain marriage, relationship, student, student child, and visitor visas. Their lawyers also offer personalised services for entrepreneurs or highly-skilled workers looking to apply for a Tier 1 visa. Legend also takes on deportation, bail, removal, and appeal cases. A complete list of the company’s immigration services is provided at

In addition to offering comprehensive immigration services, the firm handles cases involving domestic work, personal injury, criminal injury, and conveyancing. They offer their services across the hospitality, health care, education, and technology sectors. The firm is under the leadership of Mr. Aravind Sreevalsalan, who, along with his team, offers legal expertise to clients throughout East Ham and beyond.

Legend Solicitors, found online at, is an establishedfirm of immigration solicitors in London. The team makes it their goal to help clients understand their options and rights in an ever-changing political climate.

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