Latin Americans Enjoy Some Great Additions to Their Thanksgiving Spread

Latin Americans Enjoy Some Great Additions to Their Thanksgiving Spread

For many people, when they think of Thanksgiving, they imagine the typical turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, squash, etc. Each of these dishes are the accepted ingredients for a great Thanksgiving meal across the U.S. on the third Thursday in November. However, for those who are Latino, adding a bit more style and spice to the dinner table may sound appealing.

There’s an array of dishes inspired by Latin America cooking that can replace the more traditional options seen in the U.S. Keep reading to learn how to make this Thanksgiving the tastiest one yet.

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey with Chipotle and Orange

Most people have noticed how much everyone loves the bacon-wrapped appetizers. Think about how everyone coming over for dinner is going to react to the star of the Thanksgiving menu (the turkey) is wrapped in bacon? It will be a definite crowd-pleaser.

If this seems a bit too in-depth, consider hiring the pros, such as the team at FRANCISCA RESTAURANT, to make it. This ensures all the Latin flavors will be highlighted in the dish.

Guajillo Cranberry Sauce

This dish includes rehydrated guajillo chilis, cinnamon, and orange juice, giving traditional cranberry sauce a real Latin twist. If there are leftovers, try simmering it with orange juice to thin it out a bit and drizzle over tacos, enchiladas, or tostadas made with all the turkey that’s leftover.

Sweet and Spicy Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Everyone is going to be eating sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving; after all, it’s a holiday special. This particular dish is making traditional mashed potatoes, just with sweet potatoes, butter, and shredded hot habanero cheese. It’s really that easy.

Camotes al Chipotle

Another popular dish made with sweet potatoes is Camotes al Chipotle. Here, though, the potatoes are whipped rather than mashed. This dish has a hint of smokiness thanks to the adobo sauce and the chipotle chilies.

For those who want something a bit healthier than the typical American dish that is covered with marshmallows, but that still uses sweet potatoes, then this is a smart option and another crowd-pleaser. It’s also something that can likely be found at

Avocado and Roasted Yam Fall Ensalada

This is a dish that makes the perfect appetizer for Thanksgiving dinner. After all, most people are going to have a house full of family members and friends who are more than ready to eat, so give them something to enjoy. Other appetizer dishes like this one can be found at

While this is true, this particular fall recipe includes a mix of tasty, seasonal vibrant orange yams, which get a creamy texture when they are roasted. The other ingredients include serrano peppers, red onion, corn, avocado, and roasted pepitas.

What’s on the Thanksgiving Table This Year?

For those who are still planning what’s going to be on their Thanksgiving table, they should consider some of the saucy, Latin-inspired dishes listed here. Doing so is going to ensure that there are some great and exciting flavors that everyone is going to enjoy. 

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