NAH HANNAH is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide.

NAH HANNAH is utilizing Mr. Checkout\'s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Stores Nationwide.

All-natural, crunchy and delicious. Perfect for any time of the day, whether you have them with your morning coffee or enjoy them with a movie late at night.

No added sugars, natural amaranth, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and highly portable.


These light and crispy amaranth wafers are Nah Hannah’s newest product made with nature’s purest ingredients to make your life a healthier one bite at a time.

These wafers, made purely with amaranth flour and water, are the most nutritious and yet the lightest snack that you can find. Amaranth is a native Mexican crop packed with vitamins, minerals and contains an extraordinary amount of protein. Amaranth’s remarkable nutritional value makes it one of the greatest superfoods on earth. Additionally, being one of the fewest gluten-free grains, it can be a powerful nutritional resource for those who are unable to consume gluten. However, the best quality of these amaranth wafers is that all this nutritional value comes at a very low caloric one; in fact, each wafer contains only one calorie and no added sugars! The combination of these exceptional properties makes these amaranth wafers the ideal snack for every type of person, from those who leave their house in a rush and do not have time to eat breakfast, to those who want to snack while watching a movie. 

The wafers have a light and crispy texture that mixes perfectly with amaranth’s nutty taste. However, we know cravings come in many different forms, and that is why we have created three additional flavors: cocoa, pecan nut, and taro.

These wafers are characteristic of the Mexican diet and have a long historical tradition going back over three centuries. While they first started being produced in monasteries and were only available to the Mexican aristocracy, these wafers quickly became a popular food among all social classes. 

Unlike most centenarian foods who have disappeared as culinary traditions changed, the health benefits of these wafers are what keeps them one of the central elements of the Mexican diet.

Nah Hannah is a Mexican company that devotes itself to spreading the health benefits of traditional Mexican superfoods around the world. We believe that eating well is the best way to take care of yourself which is why we commit to taking care of every step of the supply chain; only delivering products of the highest and purest quality. 

Help us contribute to the promotion of health and wellness around the world by becoming one of Nah Hannah’s trusted distributors. Stop trying to imagine the taste, send us an email to receive your free sample! For any inquiries or additional information feel free to contact us, our group of specialists will happily assist you.

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