Shopify D2C Sellers in Pet Product Industry Choose Katana Cloud-Based Manufacturing Software Reports

Shopify D2C Sellers in Pet Product Industry Choose Katana Cloud-Based Manufacturing Software Reports

Shopify D2C sellers in pet product industry choose Katana cloud-based manufacturing software reports In the recent issue manufacturing journalist, TR Cutler recently profiled Katana cloud-based manufacturing software as best-suited for small manufacturers.

One example of the pet products manufacturer is Puppy Cake which produces treats for beloved pets for special occasions or just to spoil them. No more feeling guilty eating dessert as a family member, your dog stares wanting something they cannot eat. From cooking ingredients, utensils, personalized cakes, and even clothes for humans and dogs alike, the company only uses natural ingredients (for food products) and holds themselves to the highest standards. Puppy Cake even has a wheat-free alternative for a dog to avoid certain food types. 

Kelly Costello, the owner, personally oversees the manufacturing of Puppy Cake products to ensure safety and quality. Puppy Cake only makes products that are good enough for humans to eat. The company has grown quickly over the last several years and faced challenges to accommodate this rapid growth. 

Costello shared, “The biggest issue with manufacturing was forecasting ingredients purchasing and labor planning for several weeks out.  We struggled to figure out how many pounds of product we would need in X number of weeks after manufacturing Y number of different products. We regularly ran out of ingredients or assemblies on a weekly basis because it was so difficult to plan it out.” Costello quickly identified the need to get more control over their business. 

Puppy Cake was spoiling dogs with treats, but the company was struggling to achieve the perfect balance of inventory management; it was impacting the bottom-line. Katana cloud-based manufacturing software best-suited for small manufacturers allowed Puppy Cake to measure and quantify efficiency improvements. Day-to-day operations are now maximized at 100%. 

Costello noted, “We used Excel spreadsheets attempting to keep stock of our ingredients and what was needed to accomplish different manufacturing processes. It was tedious and inaccurate. Since abandoning the inefficient spreadsheets, Puppy Cake has been able to dramatically optimize operations, inventory control, and time management.” 

Katana Cloud-Based Manufacturing Software: 

Katana is a cloud-based software designed specifically for small and mid-sized manufacturers. The scalable SaaS (Software as a Service) platform caters to manufacturing companies requiring a robust and effective production planning, scheduling, and inventory control system to manage manufacturing processes. 

With a single glance, Katana users make quick and intelligent business decisions based on reliable, real-time information impacting their business in the most positive and productive ways. Perhaps of greatest importance to smaller manufacturers is the ability to pay monthly rather than a significant capital expense and achieve quick implementation within 7 days. Katana users start with a 14-day FREE trial.

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