Audra Lowray Upchurch Releases Revolutionary Bestselling Book – Unchain Me Mama: The Forgiveness Factor

The book focuses on the deeply personal accounts of eight women – mothers and daughters – who courageously confronted the generational curses of their families.

Virginia Beach, VA – Audra Lowray Upchurch is pleased to announce the successful launch of her revolutionary bestselling book Unchain Me Mama: The Forgiveness Factor.

Unchain Me Mama is a collaboration of deeply personal accounts of eight women, mothers and daughters, who confront the generational curses of their families, and find the strength and courage to break those chains.

“This collaboration speaks to so many different emotions felt as a result of dysfunctional relationships, from heartbreak, loneliness, laughter, anger, personal triumph, and release,” says Upchurch.  “The greatest message of all, however, speaks to the power of love and forgiveness, even in the face of devastating hurt.”

Upchurch herself is no stranger to the devastating effects of unstable familial relationships.  Born in Brooklyn, NY, Upchurch had an extremely difficult childhood, growing up in a home with a mother who suffered from mental illness.  By age 17, Upchurch found herself homeless and a single mother.

“Growing up was incredibly challenging for me,” says Upchurch.  “I was a confused teenager because I found it difficult to navigate my own relationship with my mother – a journey I am still experiencing today.”

“Society says you can talk about your daddy issues all day long, but the moment you share an unflattering truth about your mama, folks want you to keep silent, no matter how much it cripples you,” she continues.  “With Unchain Me Mama, however, we’re giving our readers permission to break the silence and begin the journey to love and forgiveness.”

Through each collaborative, shared story, Unchain Me Mama aims to provide readers with a host of solutions to deal with their pain and resentment.  This book is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is frustrated by the relationship they have with their mother and is afraid to address it
  • Wants to put an end to the obvious conflict
  • Recognizes that issues with their mother has a negative effect on all other relationships
  • Is afraid to address mommy issues publicly
  • Is tired of carrying the burden of a problematic relationship
  • and so much more!

Unchain Me Mama debuted as a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in two categories.

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About the Author

Audra Lowray Upchurch is a successful motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author.  Born in Brooklyn, NY, Upchurch grew up in an unstable household to a mother who suffered in silence from mental illness.  As a result, she found herself homeless at 15, a single mother at 17, and little hope for the future.

With a strong determination and through the help of prayer, however, Upchurch beat the odds to become an amazing mother, grandmother, CEO, and an Award-winning, Amazon bestselling author.

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