Subconscious Imprinting Healing System Uncovers And Releases Repressed Emotions

Subconscious Imprinting offers a science-based healing system designed to uncover and release repressed emotions and unresolved trauma that is contributing to chronic physical symptoms in one’s life.

Empowered Healers Academy Inc and Kelsey Eigler are pleased to announce that their subconscious imprinting techniques and system is the signature method of the Academy for guiding Healers to truth and power so they can effectively guide people back to their potential. The methods are suitable for professional healers, brand new healers, or those who are on a mission to heal themselves. The mission of the firm is to heal the healers, empower the humans,  and shift the consciousness of the planet.

The world is saturated in self-help books, podcasts, and hype-filled weekend seminars, yet so many people are still unfulfilled and disconnected from actually living their truth. There are so many different modalities, medications, therapies, and health-care options, and yet more people are struggling with chronic illness, pain, and dis-ease than ever before. The missing link is repressed emotions and hidden trauma.

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According to a spokesperson for the center, “We teach our students our intelligent four-step healing system. We have literally begun building an Army of Light Workers who have the ammunition to uncover and heal the root cause of the most frustrating symptoms in our society, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our process is strategically designed to take you, the practitioner, through a six-week intensive where you heal yourself of repressed emotions, unresolved trauma, deep family obligation/loyalty, and connect to your truth… thus knowing how to facilitate transformation in your clients’ lives.”

“You just need to ‘un-become’ all the trauma and tragedies,” he continued, “that are woven into your nervous system, all the family loyalties, all the limitations, lies and stories, and all the conditioning that is withholding you from being the powerful, magnetic healer you are meant to be. We essentially teach you how to Un-Become all the programming that is contributing to the frustrating symptoms in your life.” 

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