EMU: The building blocks of the shared economy

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the data transmission field, especially the emergence of 5G technology, blockchain can no longer meet the minimum standards of the “speed” of the existing business. As one of the eras of disruptive technologies, 5G has excellent technical performance in the field of data transmission. 5G focuses on the inter-connectivity of several different genres of technology. The combination of its high transmission rate and the characteristics of blockchain, such as non tampering, security, transparency and automation, will play an important role in big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of vehicles, driverless, industrial control, smart city and other fields. EMU focuses on the combination of 5G and public-chain, aiming to expand the 5G ecosystem with blockchain technology and accelerate the development of 5G.

Due to the rapid development of blockchain technology, entrepreneurs have found unprecedented business opportunities and entrepreneurial model has been like a hundred flowers in bloom.


The goal of EMU is to develop the underlying API of the blockchain for the entity enterprise, to achieve 5G application scenario docking, and to open up barriers between digital assets and the real world. As a 5G application ecosystem based on blockchain technology, EMU is building a multi-domain value public chain including digital assets, AI, 5G, big data, and the IoT. Through a professional technical team, taking the safety, efficiency, capacity and throughput of the public chain as the entry point, combined with high technology, EMU makes millions of transactions per second possible, improving the development efficiency of digital intelligent commerce, and helping the ecological development of the blockchain industry.

In the field of IoT, 5G can realize real-time and fast transmission of hardware data. Blockchain technology can also provide decentralized solutions for large-scale collaboration between two devices in the IoT network. EMU is a self-evolving ecosystem that draws on the strengths of existing blockchain projects and is committed to building the 5G era infrastructure.

EMU is based on 5G technology and supported by blockchain technology, using technical features of blockchain, like decentralization, smart contracts, and databases to build a comprehensive digital-public chain circulating in the world. EMU is positioned as a practical blockchain +5G infrastructure, which is a 5G digital public-chain that supports the large-scale popularization and practical application of blockchain technology.

The blockchain era is raging like a storm. When we were still experiencing the novelty of the mobile Internet, a brand-new proposition has occurred to venture capitalists. EMU will grasp the wave of blockchain wealth and let everyone join the new world of 5G. A new experience is starting here and EMU will be with you.

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