Nanxi River poetry and painting landscape landing in New York Times Square

“The eternal hometown of landscape poetry is like the beautiful ancient Shangri-La.” In November, a huge picture of Nanxi River Scenic Spot in Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province, was projected on the Nasdaq LED screen, attracting many tourists to stop and enjoy. Nanxi River, the hometown of Chinese landscape poetry, lit up the NASDAQ Screen, which is the world’s most famous screen elegantly in Times Square in New York,sending a gentle and clear business card and a warm invitation to the world.

Located in Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province, Nanxi River Scenic spot is a national scenic spot, a national 4A tourist scenic spot, a world geological park, and the birthplace of Kunqu Opera, a masterpiece of the world’s oral and intangible cultural heritage. Besides the original place of the 13th Army of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, it’s also well-known for Chinese landscape villages. In addition, it can be divided into eight scenic spots including Danan Stream, Shiwei Stone, Daruo Stone, Taiping Stone, Mount Sihai, Zhen Stream, Yantan Stream and the Source, which are famous for its beautiful rivers, miracle stones, numerous waterfalls, ancient villages and graceful forests. And, it is the only scenic spot known for pastoral scenery among the national scenic spots in China.

While Xie Lingyun, an ancient poet in Jin Dynasty, was the prefecture chief in Yongjia, he visited the landscape there and wrote many beautiful poems for the scenery of Nanxi River and Mountains, making Yongjia the birthplace for Chinese landscape poetry. Visiting there, people can enjoy famous landscapes such as the flowing rivers, green forests, Taogong Cave (the 12th hole in the world), Shiwei Stone, a peak rising from the earth, twelve mountains, cliff reservoir and Baizhang Waterfall rising 1000-meter high and flying straight down. Moreover, there are natural ancient landscapes including the old villages existing with Nanxi River, “Guiding Star” like Furong Ancient Villages, “mountain dwellings model” like mountain people, “Poetry and Painting” like Linkeng Ancient Village.

In recent years, along the Nanxi River, there are many typical residential groups like Xuli, Jinli Yunshe full of romantic art flavor and integration of farming and modernity.

For thousands of years, the people on the banks of Nanxi River have led the lives of “the four respectable occupations” (fishermen, woodcutters, peasants and scholars)and enjoyed themselves leisurely in pastoral scenery of their hometown like Shangri-La. Nanxi River keeps her beauty undisturbed either by favor or disgrace. Though she has the elegance with a long history and keeps quiet in beautiful scenery, she still can be famous and powerful at present.

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