Author’s new book “Soaring In Silence” receives a warm literary welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Womens book “Soaring In Silence” by Beverly Gandara, currently available at

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Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Soaring in Silence: One Woman’s Triumph over Fear by Beverly Gandara is the riveting story of one woman’s experience with a dangerous retiree who stalks her.  During the summer and after one week of vacation, Kim and Brad return home to their co-op apartment in Manhattan and make the decision to move. Having lived in New York all her life, Kim hasn’t visited that many places which impress her as much as Arizona. She is charmed by the beauty of the mountains against a spectacular ever-changing sky; the quiet of the colorful desert and the respect for the land of its entire people. It is a stark contrast to what it feels like in Manhattan with all its excitement, energy, noise, and constant movement; it seems all knowledge comes from the outside in. But something terrible is able to happen. Kim is being stalked but she can’t tell Brad about it and the police won’t take her seriously. Now she has to be smarter than her stalker and that is where it gets very interesting…

Beverly Gandara has written a very entertaining story and she fills it with a lot of wisdom for women who may find themselves pursued by relentless men that are a threat to them. The writing is fluid and filled with interesting dialogues and terrific descriptions. I loved the way she presents the antagonist, a man who does not appeal to the reader’s sympathy. The characters are well sculpted and the portrait of each character reflects the role they play in the story. Soaring in Silence: One Woman’s Triumph over Fear has a powerful conflict and it is interesting to follow the protagonist through the conflict as she contemplates telling her partner about the stalker or handling him herself when no one seems to believe her. Soaring in Silence is entertaining and inspiring, a deftly written and fast-paced story that has the power to keep the reader up through the night.”

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