Solar Roofing Technology Continuing to Evolve

Solar Roofing Technology Continuing to Evolve

It surprises some commercial property owners to learn that they can install solar panels on any roof material. In fact, they can even be installed on older, historic buildings. Solar panel roofing has changed over the past ten years, and today, installing these panels benefits commercial business owners along with the environment.

The History of Solar Energy

The idea behind using solar power for energy is one that has been around for centuries. Even the ancient Roman bathhouses in the first century had enormous windows facing south that helped to maximize the sunlight entering the space. However, the very first photovoltaic cell, designed to convert solar power into energy to run solar appliances, was not created until 1954.

Since that time, the use of solar panel roofing has grown significantly in use and popularity. Some of the first roofs with solar panels featured huge solar panels that were titled to catch the rays of the sun. The modern design of these panels has also improved with today’s tiles blending in so well with the existing roofing material that they cannot be seen or noticed from the ground.

Tesla, the well-known innovative company, helped to revolutionize this even further by creating solar roofing tiles in for specific designs. These included distressed wood, smooth, rugged slate, and terracotta. Every version allows customers to install tiles that blend in virtually perfectly with their roof, regardless of the roof they have.

The Benefits Offered by Solar Roofing

Solar panels, like the ones offered by Northern California Roofing, can be expensive initially. In fact, companies can expect to pay $20,000 or more for a single 350-square-foot solar layer. However, a person can expect to save money over time as their energy bill will decrease significantly. It is estimated that installing solar panels on a roof may reduce electricity bills by up to 70%.

Using solar energy to help power a building can help to minimize a person’s carbon footprint. Solar power is a renewable energy source, so it is not possible to just use it all up and then run out. It lets users power their buildings without creating any pollution that contributes to global warming.

Also, solar energy is much more reliable than other sources of energy available today. Remember, each day the sun rises and sets. While the number of clouds in the sky may affect the amount of energy the panels collect, it is easy to project the amount of sunlight that will be seen in a specific location during every season.

Are Solar Panels Right for the Business in Question?

When it comes to solar panels, there are more than just a few factors to consider. If a business is thinking about installing these on their buildings, they need to contact the professionals for help. This way, they can ensure the best results are achieved.

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