9 to 5: A Creative and Dramatic Short Film directed by Filippos Tsapekis to Inspire Everyone to Reinvent the Real Emotions of Humankind

In this 21st century, we are running behind the race of competition and success. But probably, we have forgotten that we have to spare time for our family and friends. More than that, we are not even doing justice with ourselves as we are so busy to forget self-care as well.

This short film 9 to 5 has been designed with a thought to capture audience attention to this social problem. The main idea behind creating this film is to help people realise that they are not giving enough time to themselves. We need to spare some time for the people around like our families and friends as well.

Most of the people these days are too busy with their career and job-oriented goals. They are always worried about their social image. Instead of making efforts for their inner happiness, they keep on working hard to please the artificial world around. We often find people visiting several cool places just with a single focus on their mind that they have to post some happy pictures on social media. They rarely care about real emotions and inner feelings.

You can rarely see people sparing quality time for their families. They are working like machines with a mindset that they are not allowed to get tired. Somewhere in this race, people are killing their emotions, and it is leaving adverse impact on their life.

The main idea behind 9 to 5 short film is to help people realise that they are losing something really important in life. The title 9 to 5 seems an ironic selection because, in this real world, no one actually works for only 8 hours. We have much more to do beyond this time limit, and that keep us too occupied.  

This dystopian dark comedy features a young man and his work and personal life imbalances. The idea may change your mindset about work hours dramatically.

About the movie:

9 to 5 is an iconic short film with a creative theme that highlights a very important social problem. The mind-blowing theme made it to won 28 awards with 3 nominations. This film may motivate people to build new social trends where people can spare more time for each other. There are two main actors Kora Karvouni and Yiannis Papadopoulos; they have played the most controversial roles. You can easily relate the theme and story to your life.

We have asked the film creators a few questions to bring you more information about it.

Q. What has inspired you to create such an inspiring “9 to 5” movie?

A. Katerina Tsouba, who came up with the idea for 9to5, came to my office one day and told me, “what do you think to make a movie that the police would test the people not with alcohol test but with fatigue tests?”

At first, I was confused, but then I  thought that we have a great opportunity here to touch a widespread social problem. The struggle of every human to gather “likes”  today, to make an “Attend” in every cool place, to collect “followers,” the struggle for social acceptance in general. Also, people fight for a better job because they want to have higher approval of the public. So all this constant struggle without any emotion,  emotionally distancing the world from their families and their friends. For all the previous reasons, we decided to created this movie. Everyone is alone and fighting for their own image, not for real feelings and connections.

Q. What impact does your work have on your life? And what role did it played to create this inspiring movie?

A. I’m a Writer and Film Directing, so the nature of my work is not like an office job. I follow the things I see around me, and some of them inspire me. Every scene has to make sense; there is always a reason for why I choose the specific shot or the particular lense, or scene, etc.

The role of every person working on Art is to make other people think and inspire. If I achieved that even with only one person through my work, then I’m thrilled.

It’s a very demanding job, but it’s an exceptional job that you can only do that if you are in love with it. So, I cannot compare the work of Art with another job because Art is not a job.

Q. If you were to summarize what viewers can learn from this movie in a few sentences, what would these be?

A. I think that every person watching a movie, reading a book, looking at a painting, perceives things differently. That is because each of us has different biomes and experiences. But this is also beautiful and special with art. Ι want to hear people watching this movie what they think or understand.

I am not in a position to tell or consult anyone. I am in a place to share my concerns with the world but with my expression.

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