Raleigh Martial Arts School Kicks Off Fundraiser To Help A Family In Their Cancer Fight

Samuel Arent is a man who has been very involved in his community. He is an accomplished Martial Arts practitioner; has been involved with planting a church in Raleigh; is a loving husband, father, and has been very involved in his community. However, nothing could prepare Sam for the changes that would impact life as he has known it.

On February 8th, Sam Arent received news that would change his life forever. He was diagnosed with a Cancerous brain tumor. This news was Earth shattering, but being a man of faith, he made the best of his situation. Sam went through many treatment options with little success. Finally, he was informed that his tumor would require surgery. In May Sam successfully had surgery to remove the cancer. This marked the beginning of a long road to recovery. After surgery, Sam lost functioning on the left side of his body. His speech was not impacted, but he had to relearn many functions that never had to think about previously. Sam had to learn how to walk again and re-learn fine and gross motor skills. With time, Sam continues to improve and progress with these tasks daily. Financially this change in his health has impacted his family as well. This is where his Martial Arts family wants to help.

When training, Sam would frequent local dojos to cross train. Bushiken Karate was one of those dojos that he frequented. While not an official member of Bushiken Karate, he has been considered a part of their Martial Arts family. Bushiken Karate’s Sensei Marvin Saint-Cyr and Shidokan’s Sensei Robbie Adams wanted to be able to provide some relief to the family.

They brainstormed ways to support their friend and honor his Martial Arts spirit. As a result, they came up with an idea to do a fundraiser. Thus, the Samurai challenge was formed. The Samurai Challenge is like a spar-a-thon where people can either pledge a flat amount towards Sam and his family, or sponsor a Martial Artists based on the amount of rounds he/she spars. This fundraiser is open to all participants regardless of style or rank.

The fundraiser will take place on Saturday December 7, 2019 at Bushiken Karate Saint-Cyr Dojo located at 3632 Capital Blvd, Raleigh NC. The event will begin at 5pm. Any and all martial artist are invited to participate. Donations can also be made prior to or on the day of the event. For more information about participating in the Samurai Challenge, or to donate contact Marvin Saint-Cyr (919)-526-0503 or Robbie Adams (910) 890-9995

Bushiken Karate Saint-Cyr dojo is a traditional Japanese Karate school located at 3632 Capital Blvd, Raleigh North Carolina. For more information about our program please visit our website at bushiken.com or contact 919-526-0503

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