MMJ Health Is Providing Viable Solutions For Deserving Florida Patients

In 2016, medical marijuana became legal in the state of Florida. With Florida lifting the ban on medical marijuana, an influx of new patients in the Florida area began to arise. Unfortunately, getting marijuana in the state of Florida is not as easy as you think. Or at least it wasn’t that easy until MMJhealth came around.

Prior to the inception of MMJ Health, getting a medical marijuana license in Florida was a long and tedious process. It became apparent that this needed to become a streamlined process. This is where, MMJ comes in. Understanding their process is key, fortunately, there isn’t much to understand. First, go to or

Fill out the necessary information on their fill out form, and be greeted by a professional within 24hrs via email or phone. From there, you will see if you qualify, and if you do, you go to one of their south Florida facilities and BOOM, you’re ready to be a medical marijuana cardholder.

It’s advances like these, that really make a difference for people that are in dire need of what medical marijuana solves for them. MMJ Health is leading the game in making the process of getting a medical marijuana card in the state of Florida as smooth as possible.

Not only do they have locations in Melbourne and Port St. Lucie in the southside, but they have also recently opened up a brand new location in Palm Beach, Florida. People in the state that are in search for the one medicine that allows them to relieve the pain they feel, can now turn to MMJ Health to give them access to what they need.

It’s businesses like MMJ Health that brings people peace of mind, accessibility but most importantly they save their patients time. If that’s not the most valuable commodity that we all share, I don’t know what is.

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