Uncertainty v Certainty – Difficult Time to Make Certain Decisions

In these uncertain times it can be difficult to make certain decisions due to uncertainty. The government asked the people to vote on Brexit and they voted to leave. The politicians have taken too long to create a path for departure that is acceptable to the majority, there are insufficient facts and too much conjecture regarding what will happen when we leave.

The EU and other politicians from outside of the UK do not help by sticking their penneth worth in where it is not required or wanted and none of this helps the situation. In business we are affected by the decisions of our government and their inability to make a decision has definitely affected company’s spending money on investment and training for the future.

What is certain is that ABC Training Services during these uncertain times have seen continual growth, year on year for the last 10 years, why is this? At ABC our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none, professionalism and a smile ensures that we keep our customers and clients happy with our work and the fact that we never let anybody down.

People have learnt to trust us, if we say we can’t do the job, we don’t take it on. There is no point in over committing ourselves and then letting the customer down. This means that our customers are certain, not only of our arrival, punctuality and professionalism and our pricing structures also ensure that our customers are getting value for money.

Our tutors are very experienced in their field of teaching, not only holding qualifications in the subjects that they teach, they also have plenty of experience in their field as well. They can answer questions and give appropriate answers, sometimes questions are beyond the level of the course but they may still answer the question and then tell the student to seek further advice if required.

What is certain is that ABC has learnt to diversify with the times, we started simply as a training organisation, delivering in-house courses such as first aid and manual handling, as we took on more clients we started to run open courses and had to find venues to train in, as these became more popular we rented training rooms and offices. As we have diversified we have taken on event work, and now employ 40 people, mainly casual staff but also we have taken on more full-time staff.

Our very strong presence in the community has exposed us to more people and ultimately more business, it has definitely meant that we have had to grow to meet demand, more full time staff that are all dedicated. In these uncertain times we have or are in the process of adding these new skills and courses to our repertoire.

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