What One Should Use: Access Control or Keys?

Access control is simply being able to control access to your establishment. An access control system gives you control over commercial door locks, digital door locks, vehicle locks, and all other security locks. A local locksmith, such as our Locksmith Brooklyn, NY company can thoroughly assess your home or business and figure out how to best secure your belongings and private information.

It is easy to lose keys and replacing them requires more than it would take to use a digital lock or key card. If you find yourself locked out of your home or business, a 24 hour locksmith from Fiona Locksmith – Brooklyn, NY provides emergency locksmith services with an average 20 minute response time.

A residential locksmith from our team can protect your home with advanced security systems that allow you to enter and exit the home safely without the chance of intruders or other unauthorized visitors gaining entry. Your family can rest easily knowing they are not subject to break-ins and other unfortunate events.

Losing a Key vs Losing a Keycard

No matter how many precautions you take, there is always the chance an employee or family member will lose a key. They may also copy or steal keys to use for their own reasons – reasons that may involve theft or other unauthorized activities. At our Locksmith Brooklyn, NY, we know that keys are easily misplaced or hidden and can recommend appropriate security solutions for all security systems. Valuable equipment could be put at risk and cause a lot of hassle.

If you have sensitive documents or any expensive materials and products these can be kept safe by simply deactivating a key card. Fiona Locksmith – Brooklyn, NY has several options to protect your valuables with customized authorizations for all employees in your company. If someone loses a key card, it can be deactivated in seconds and a new one can be programmed. This prevents the employee from borrowing cards from other employees. Experts from our commercial locksmith department know exactly how to protect your business, and we work evenings and weekends for all of our customers.

When employees borrow cards from others, they are not allowing your security system to function properly. You may show that one person has entered the building, but it is actually a different employee. This can lead to problems if any security issues arise, such as missing property or information leaks. The employee that has given their key card to another is liable for anything that occurs because they were authorized to enter the building.

Our Locksmith Brooklyn, NY Can Restrict Access to Your Building

There are a number of reasons to restrict access in your commercial building, including keeping your risk factor much lower. If you provide employees and HR personnel with key cards allowing access to custom parts of the building, your information will be much safer than it would be in a room with a traditional lock. Locks can be easily picked, and keys can be lost, copied, or stolen. Our Locksmith Brooklyn, NY can find plenty of ways to secure your sensitive information as well as any expensive equipment. Do not let your business be the target of theft due to access being given to unauthorized parties or due to not being able to monitor and control access.

This is a good option for larger businesses that employ many people in different designated fields. You gain the ability to keep kitchen staff limited to rooms and parts of the building they need during work hours, as well as other staff members like custodians and security guards. The ability to restrict areas leaves less room for infiltration by unauthorized employees and other individuals.

Fortify Traditional Security Systems

Your car is worth more than you may have on-hand, making it an investment worth protecting. If you experience problems with ignition switch keys or other items that unlock and start your vehicle, our automotive locksmith pros are a good option to call on. Keep our Locksmith Brooklyn, NY number in your phone in case you find yourself locked out of your automobile. As a local locksmith, we respond quickly and are available for 24/7 service. 

Protect your home, vehicle, and business with the services of Fiona Locksmith – Brooklyn, NY.

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