Types of Keys one can use for their vehicles, offices and homes

There are many different types of keys that you encounter each day in your daily life.  Keys come in different shapes and sizes and each one has different capabilities.  A Quick Keys Locksmith Harrison, NJ professional can work with any key or lock to achieve the desired result you want.  If you would like high security locks for your home or office, they can be done by a local locksmith that specializes in commercial locksmith services or residential locksmith services.

Transponder Keys

These are a type of key that is commonly used for vehicles.  They use radio signals to get cars unlocked as well as perform other actions. Transponder keys prevent theft by being difficult to replicate.  Some vehicles have safeguards that shut it down when someone tries to use an incorrect transponder key.  This safety measure is great for keeping your car from experiencing break-ins and theft.  These keys use a microchip programmed to one vehicle, so it is not possible to use it on other vehicles. Quick Keys Locksmith Harrison, NJ is your knowledgeable security locksmith for cars and keys!

Safest Vehicle Locks

These are some of the safest car keys made for your vehicle.  They are not possible to duplicate, so a Quick Keys Locksmith Harrison, NJ professional will need manufacturer information to get the car code and create or program a new transponder key for your vehicle.  A well-trained and properly equipped automotive Quick Keys Locksmith tech can make sure your vehicle is safe and your keys are replaced and deactivated if they are lost or stolen.

Key card Keys by a Local Locksmith

Even though these do not look like keys at all, they are keys and they are a very safe option for commercial businesses. Quick Keys Locksmith Commercial Locksmith Harrison, NJ can get your business protected with key cards. They are similar to credit cards and can guarantee that your building is secure.  They are also a great option if your locks are changed regularly or do not want employees to copy building keys. Hotels use key cards because they are easily controlled. They can be programmed to unlock certain door locks while restricting access to others.  Cards can be cancelled if guests lose them or upon the end of their stay.  They are also useful in large buildings, such as government buildings with many employees and sensitive information.

Quick Keys Locksmith Harrison, NJ Secure Commercial Door Locks

Employees will not have to carry several keys to gain access to the tools and areas they need during work hours.  A key card can be set to allow entry into certain rooms and deny it from others.  They are easy to program and can be updated remotely so you do not have to have physical access to the card.  It also lets you monitor who goes in and out of your building and they are cost-effective. Quick Keys Locksmith Harrison, NJ can provide all your commercial door lock needs!

Tubular Key Duplication Isn’t Possible

These keys are ideal for small locks such as bike locks and vending machines.  They are also used in public parks for restroom door locks or water control systems for guests.  They are not often used for household locks because they are very small, however this is one reason they are so difficult to duplicate.  Quick Keys Locksmith Harrison, NJ knows that with a tubular key your property and information is safer because if a key is lost or stolen it will likely not be copied correctly.  If you have lost a tubular key and need it replaced, a quality local Locksmith Harrison, NJ can replace your keys or lock as you require.  Your security is our most important goal, so we work to preserve it in any way.

Master Keys by Locksmith Harrison, NJ

A master key is different from almost any other type of key.  They have been designed to open several locks instead of just one.  This can be extremely beneficial to prevent a home lockout from occurring, leaving you with no way to enter your residence.  However, Quick Keys Locksmith Harrison, NJ says that if you lose a master key it can have devastating effects.  You may need your locks changed if someone has gotten their hands on a master key.

24 Hour Lock Service

Quick Keys Locksmith Harrison, NJ offers the best 24/7 service for emergency locksmith services like losing a key or being locked out of a home, office, or vehicle. We always provide a fast 20 minute response time, so you will not have to wait critical minutes.  The best local locksmiths are radio-dispatched to your location with the goal of assisting you with whatever emergency you are experiencing.

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