Selling a House with a Tax Lien: Is It Possible?

Selling a House with a Tax Lien: Is It Possible?

Having a lien placed on a property can be extremely stressful.  Many people do not understand what it means and wonder if a lien means that property is facing foreclosure.  While a lien does not mean that the government intends to force the sale of a home, it does suggest that the homeowner is experiencing serious financial problems, which may best be handled by selling a home quickly.  However, the presence of the lien can make a quick sale more difficult. To find out how to expedite a home sale, visit  

What Is a Tax Lien? 

A tax lien is a legal claim against property that is based on the property owner failing to pay taxes to the government.  In this context, tax liens refer to claims against the property. This means that the government does not intend to come in and take the property, but that, when the property is sold, the government agency that levied the lien will get the amount of the lien before the seller gets any money from the sale.  

Can a Homeowner Sell a House with a Tax Lien? 

Yes, a homeowner can sell a house that has a tax lien.  Selling a home is one of the ways that a homeowner can remove a tax lien on their property.  Unfortunately, selling a home with a tax lien on it can be a cumbersome process. The existence of a lien is intimidating to many potential buyers because it complicates the sales process.  As a result, many homeowners try to get the lien removed before trying to sell the property. They may try refinancing the property to pay the taxes, paying the taxes in full, or requesting that the lien be removed.  However, for many homeowners who are experiencing financial problems, the smart solution is to use a we buy houses company to purchase the home.

How to Sell a Home with a Tax Lien

If the IRS has a lien on the home, the homeowner has to get permission from the IRS before selling the home.  The IRS will usually only grant this permission, which is usually in the form of discharging the lien if the homeowner has enough equity in the home to pay the outstanding tax bill.  If the lien is not discharged, then the buyer would not be able to get a clear title to the property. While it is possible to sell a home with a lien, if a homeowner anticipates that the IRS will be putting a lien on the property, the homeowner may want to explore selling the home before the lien is triggered.

Find Out More 

Interested in learning more about the easy way to sell a home with a tax lien?  TruStart Home Buyers is a company that is designed to help homeowners who are experiencing financial problems, like tax liens. They have the experience to simplify complicated sales and can help homeowners quickly sell homes that have become financial burdens.  

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