How Michael Sterling Helps Creative Businesses Land Jobs with Top Brands in the World

It is important to bring best-in-class marketing to help creative businesses. We utilize simple yet powerful strategies to help these companies land gigs with the biggest brands and major advertising agencies. – Michael Sterling.

London, UK – November 26, 2019 – Michael Sterling is the director of Michael Sterling Marketing. The company is reputed for providing marketing solutions for creative companies around the world, such as video production companies, branding and creative agencies and helping them actualize their business goals. Michael, the company director, is an astute marketer well-known for his marketing skills and strategies. Considered a visionary leader by his peers and clients, Michael’s strength lies in his ability to see the big picture, identify gaps, and employ customized creative solutions to get creative companies and businesses on track.

“I began to notice how many creative companies were stuck in the cycle of relying on word of mouth and referrals,” says Michael. “When you run a business this way, you can never tell how much revenue is coming in next month.”

Throughout his career, Michael has had the opportunity to work with a variety of creative businesses. He is been trusted by companies to help drive meaningful engagement, results, and revenue, and at the same time connecting them with top brands in the world. Michael does not only help creative businesses to be successful, but he also equips them with the necessary tools needed to thrive by doing follow up as well as scheduling procedures, sales call training and more.

“It is important to bring best-in-class marketing to help creative businesses,” said Michael Sterling. “We utilize simple yet powerful strategies to help these companies land gigs with the biggest brands and major advertising agencies.”

Using a comprehensive and reliable formula, Michael helps creative companies get traction and skyrocket their businesses. He does this by setting up marketing and lead generation systems in their business in order to have more stability and confidence in how much revenue is coming in. Michael combines different approaches, ranging from LinkedIn to Email and Content Marketing, to help creative brands succeed in business. Unlike most other marketing companies, Michael’s strategies are different. He focuses on very specific personalized, targeted well-thought-out messages rather than just blasting the same things over and over again.

A Client has this to say concerning Michael Sterling, “Michael has set up hundreds of connections for me with great responses so far and I have several meetings with senior art producers and creative directors at Ad Agencies coming up. I work personally with Michael and I HIGHLY recommend him.”

“While I love helping creative companies is because they are fun to work with, I won’t work with just anyone,” Michael says. “I only like to work with people who are truly ready to grow their business and want to make a change in their lives.”

Creative businesses that are truly ready to grow their business can get results with a time-tested, comprehensive and reliable formula designed by the digital marketing expert, Michael Sterling, on effective lead generation. Michael Sterling Marketing is always ready to help creative companies all around the world including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK.

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