Misspep Collagen Peptides Provides 7 Benefits Linked To Youthfulness

Hong Kong – Nov 27, 2019 – Misspep explained the 7 benefits of their GMP certified supplement online today. Misspep Collagen Peptides contains pure hydrolyzed type I&III collagen peptides sourced from grass-fed cattle. It has a molecular size of fewer than 1,000 Daltons for smooth absorption. It is free of GMOs, fat, sugar, gluten, and cholesterol.


A Misspep spokesperson said “People should be aware of the immense benefits of collagen and us it for optimum health. Misspep Collagen Peptide is crafted for easy absorption to support the body’s functions. Everyone deserves to be healthy and strong and our product ensures that.”

The 7 benefits of collagen are as follows:

  1. Collagen improves the skin; A study published in the Journal of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology took a look at 114 women aged between 45 and 65. The women divided into two groups consumed 2.5g of Collagen daily and the other a placebo. After 8 weeks, the placebo group had 20% wrinkles. The researchers found out that the women that consumed Collagen have 20% fewer wrinkles because there was a 65% increase in Procollagen Type 1 and an 18% increase in Elastin.
  2. Collagen helps relieve joint pain because it kickstarts the formation of proteoglycans. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry took a look at 80 test subjects with severe joint pain for 3 months or longer. The men divided into two groups consumed 2g of Collagen and the other a placebo for 7 days. At the end of the study, they found that the Collagen group had a decrease in joint pain 35 days later and even more relief at day 70.
  3. Collagen promotes better sleep because of the cooling effect of a primary amino acid called Glycine. Glycine helps cool the body in preparation for sleep by acting upon the NMDA receptor. The NMDA receptor relaxes the blood vessels and forces the vasodilation effect.
  4. Collagen boosts the liver’s function by increasing its bile production. Glycine is required for the production of bile and a deficiency in the body leads to the poor availability of bile. Bile emulsifies fat in the stomach and its absence will lead to indigestion.
  5. Collagen balances hormones in the body. It never fails to moderate estrogen in the body. As a constituent of Collagen, Glycine helps activate the estrogen receptors. This ensures the receptors put them to proper use and doesn’t have excess. Excessive amounts of estrogen in the body causes the free radical effect and water retention.
  6. Collagen promotes muscle recovery when taken together with protein powder after a workout. A study published in the Journal Europe PMC took a look at what happens after a muscle rupture. After examining a test subject with injured muscles, they found out that Collagen synthesis increased dramatically right after the injury. What this implies is that the body needs Collagen to recover from muscle injuries and a deficiency stops it from doing so.
  7. Finally, Collagen helps the brain fight memory loss by blocking the beta- analog plaque that impairs the neurons. Collagen form chunks that cover the neurons and ensure that the beta-analog plaque doesn’t block them. This prevents the loss of transmission in the neurons.


Those ready to enjoy the best of youthfulness should visit www.misspep.com or Facebook page: Misspep.

About Misspep Collagen Peptides

Misspep is a pure hydrolyzed type I&III collagen peptides supplement sourced from grass-fed cattle. The molecular size of fewer than 1,000 Daltons makes it very easy to absorb. The ingredient is no fat, no sugar, no gluten, no cholesterol. It doesn’t creat allergies because it is GMO and gluten-free. Misspep Collagen Peptides is GMP certified and is made in the USA.

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