Audi Q8 named “The Journey of Ultimate Challenge”: Model of brand and program cooperation

Gobi hiking, desert cross-country, jungle crossing… Outdoor sports attract more and more sports fans. With the rapid development of China’s economy and society, people’s living standards are increasing. Outdoor sports which challenge their limit can obviously meet people’s multi-level spiritual and physical needs. From the southwest with continuous mountains to the Northwest with desert and Gobi, from the black land in the northeast to the laterite land in the south of the Yangtze River, China’s vast and rich geomorphic resources have also become a major advantage in outdoor sports.

Under such background, the extreme sports documentary series “The Journey of Ultimate Challenge” jointly produced by Toutiao, Ixigua video and OXSTUDIO bulls extreme sports has been named by Audi.

High-end Positioning Breakthrough with Strength

Up to now, the Journey of Ultimate Challenge has launched two episodes on Ixigua video.

In the first episode of the program, Dane and Nick, the world’s top canoeists, arrived in China for the first time, and came to the famous Guangxi Detian waterfall group to challenge the first transnational waterfall in Asia. In the second episode, 24-year-old Max John Fredriksson, the world’s top mountain downhill athlete, bravely explored China’s hottest desperate place — Flaming Mountain.

In the two programs, the camera showed the audience two different landscapes. The beautiful and majestic, green and surging blue waves of the Detian waterfall group. There are many ravines and gullie in the Flaming Mountain, no grass grows, and no birds fly. One cannot help love the beauty and variety of China’s land. During the 20 minutes or so of the second program, in addition to the amazing natural landscape, the dangers in the process of challenge and the passion after the record was created. The downhill athletes who took part in the challenge also walked into the local area to find the equipment needed for the challenge. Unconsciously, they completed a humanistic journey, showing the local customs and their real state to the audience in front of the screen. This made the journey more humane and closer to the public.

Outdoor sports have higher requirements for equipment, travel tools, various preparatory work, etc., so there is a higher threshold to engage in outdoor sports. From a global perspective, the high-end attributes of people who love and engage in outdoor sports are obvious. With the rapid growth of China’s economy, more and more high-end people are covered by outdoor extreme sports. The launch of the journey of ultimate challenge is just in time.

No matter from the level of production, the selection of guests and the choice of challenge location, the Journey of Ultimate Challenge is worthy of being a sincere work with full style. While the program has attracted the attention of high-end people, it has also successfully reached beyond this circle and attracted the love of many “out of circle” audiences.

From the perspective of broadcast data, the broadcast time of the first program has exceeded 10 million times, and the cumulative broadcast time of the second program has reached more than 6 million times since it was launched on November 20. For an extreme sports documentary, there is no doubt that the program has successfully breakthrough. In the program without many celebrities, it depends on the quality and temperament of the program. It is certain that the program team has done very well.

Audi Q8 Title: Expand its influence outwards

As a series of extreme sports documentary, the core audience of The Journey of Ultimate Challenge is undoubtedly people who love or are participating in outdoor sports. But the audience of the program is obviously more than this. The rich aerial photos and detailed scenes in the program show the audience the beauty of the rich landscape, which is a scenery documentary to some extent? The process of the challenger’s in-depth search and exploration has shown us strong local customs, which is not a cultural documentary to some extent? The process of communication, encouragement and life among the contestants endows the program with the role of inspirational reality show.

Every element of the program group has been dealt with extremely and human. When the program expanded its audience, Audi Q8 brand also embarked on a journey of “breakthrough”. Audi Q8 provides the best choice for people who like to travel together, young people who advocate challenging themselves and middle-aged people who are not far away from their old age.

And the expansion of its influence is not a simple action, but a “heart to heart” communication. In the program, Q8 is just like a servant who can do everything except talking. While providing various solutions for the guests, it only leaves behind its back with full sense of sports. For the audience of any demand level, it’s hard not to be deeply moved by Q8.

Model of brand and program cooperation

For the Journey of Ultimate Challenge, Audi Q8 is a naming dealer, but it is far more than that. It is not only a tool for challengers to travel, but also a partner, a prop for athletes to challenge and a partner. In the journey of challenge, Q8 plays a crucial role and is also a deep participant.

As a luxury sports car, Audi Q8 named “The Journey of Ultimate Challenge” can be said to be a perfect cooperation. As the flagship SUV of Audi brand, the appearance of Q8 is full of dynamic breath, full of muscle sense engine compartment edge line, sports car exclusive frameless door, huge wheel hub… These details show that Q8 is the benchmark of Q series.

There are many reasons why this naming is a perfect cooperation. On the one hand, the high-end quality of the program itself and the high-level income of the audience coincide with the brand language and audience of Audi Q8. Secondly, starting from the program, this naming is not just a monotonous advertising style, but a real integration of Audi Q8 into the program itself.

In the second episode of the program, Audi Q8 shows outstanding sports and cross-country performance in the complex landscape like Flaming Mountain. In the process of competitors participating in the challenge, Q8 has become a prop and witness to increase the difficulty of the challenge. It can be said that Audi Q8 is a part of the program and the challenge.

When the program shows more and more people the beauty of outdoor extreme sports, Audi Q8 inadvertently also has the rich connotation of challenge and courage, which is obviously highly consistent with the positioning of this luxury sports model.


It is a successful cooperation for both Audi Q8 brand and the program in naming the Journey of Ultimate Challenge. Audi Q8 has successfully promoted its brand to the circle of extreme sports enthusiasts. The program itself also needs high-end brands such as Audi Q8 to gain the high-end quality and connotation of the program. In the program, Audi Q8 not only shows excellent power performance and driving experience, but also, more importantly, uses a popular method to make the brand concept accessible to a wider range of users and start the “journey of breakthrough”. Such model cooperation is worth learning for more brands and programs.

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