New Zealand Beauty Contest Champion Jessica Tyson Recommends BEGGI Applied Nasal Protection Cream

A few days ago, New Zealand celebrity Jessica Tyson posted a new lip balm-like nasal protector from her hometown on social media, which attracted the attention of many foreign fans. The reporter learned that in Australia and New Zealand, where the incidence of rhinitis is among the top two in the world, the product named BEGGI has become a must-have nasal protection product for local families with rhinitis due to years of reputation. And relying on its innovative design, it has become the choice of many local fashion people.

Jessica Tyson is a celebrity from New Zealand, where she is not only a famous journalist, Internet celebrity, but also the champion of Miss New Zealand 2018 competition, with millions of loyal fans. As a well-known media person who frequently travels around the world to interview, Jessica Tyson also has a large number of fans around the world. She likes to share things, and she often shares some of her latest good products on her social media platform, which usually leads to crazy interactions among netizens.

Not long ago, she was in Japan for an interview. When she chatted with fans during the live interaction on the social platform INS, she picked up what looked like a “ lip balm” on a table and held it up to the camera. After seeing the little object, which is no different from ordinary lipstick, many fans commented, “Apart from lip balm, I can’t think of anything else”, “We can’t guess. You are in Japan now, so is it a Japanese specialty? Please publish the answer quickly!” Under the constant questioning of many fans from other countries, a New Zealand netizen couldn’t help but rush to reply: “BEGGI! It’s my favorite!”

Jessica Tyson said, the true identity of this lip balm is actually an applied nasal protection cream that can ward off rhinitis. This is a unique product of her hometown New Zealand, and because its composition is natural, safe, effective, and it is easy to use, in the local area, as long as they are rhinitis patients, whether they are adults or children, almost everyone has one.

“I can’t help but recommend this nasal protection cream to you today, because it really works. In my hometown New Zealand, the incidence of rhinitis is very high, and many people have been troubled by rhinitis. I also have allergic rhinitis myself, ans when rhinitis is serious, I really feel bad, not only breathing is not smooth, but also accompanied by dizziness and headache, which affects my work. Until I got this applied nasal protection cream, which can be said that it literally saved my nose.” Jessica Tyson said as she showed off her “lip balm” to her fans.

In addition to fashion celebrities such as Jessica Tyson, the reporter has seen on various major foreign social platforms that many celebrities and users are sharing such a nasal protector. Among them, a mother of a 10-year-old boy from Australia with 1.5 million fans on twitter said, her son has been in love with this nasal care product since he used it, and now, even if he usually loses his other things, he will never forget to bring this fashion nasal protector, which also attracted tens of thousands of netizens’ comments.

The reporter learned that Australia and New Zealand are the two countries with the highest incidence of rhinitis in the world, thus giving birth to a very developed rhinitis industry. The nasal protection cream recommended by Miss New Zealand Jessica Tyson on INS is developed and produced by BEGGI, the first brand of rhinitis in New Zealand. Different from many domestic companies using sprays and internal applied rhinitis cream to treat rhinitis, this is the world’s first nasal protection cream that can work quickly only by external application. When rhinitis attacks, you only need to apply it around your nose, and nanoscale natural ingredients can penetrate deep into the nasal cavity, so as to achieve rapid nasal ventilation and effectively relieve rhinitis symptoms, which is really very comfortable.

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