ALSC is a highly traded asset in GBEX digital asset exchange

Less than two months after the alt-supples were born, the good news continues. After the successful conclusion of the 2019 Global Financial Science and Technology Innovation Summit and the ALSC Global Node Consensus Conference, the ALSC (Oscar) 2019 Community Offline Wine Exchange was also successfully held. Nearly 200 ALSC enthusiasts from the ALSC Chinese community attended the wine exchange meeting. Recently, ALSC officially launched the GBEX.CO digital asset exchange, and as soon as the launch of the member’s popularity.

AlSC is short for Almighty Safely Chain, translates to “Oscar” in the Chinese community. The Oscar which means digital money, is the door card to the pinnacle of wealth. Its initial function is to create a consensus community and improve the trust system. Through information transparency, smart contract redemption, cloud nodes, distributed ALSC trading, super nodes, new currency circulation and unique smart contract set-up functions echo, cycle, balance, constitute the ALSC’s initial strong internal structure, its internal financial balance, community promotion, commercial docking, Value precipitation and network expansion will upend the idea behind the centralized business model. Eventually ALSC will become a network of commercial and financial cloud for use around the world. In this open network, through the joint efforts of the community, to create a new, decentralized business free cloud node.

ALSC’s concept has been recognized by the vast number of digital currency enthusiasts, in just a few days, the world’s 13 super nodes (Its done in 15 seconds), the world’s 31 intermediate points (Its done in 20 days), the global 54 communities to participate in the node consensus, the world’s 100 super community groups to participate in the development and promotion of ALSC. 

ALSC is based on the “project concept support, user base support, hardware equipment support”, these support points superimposed power, thus obtaining the profit space. ALSC enthusiasts say ALSC has made investors feel their professionalism and spirit through professional, dedicated and dedicated service, and has higher goals and expectations for the future of the project.


GBEX.CO is an innovative digital asset exchange that combines blockchain technology with the traditional market. Built on Nasdaq’s matching engine and market surveillance technology, GBEX is an Australian crypto and fiat exchange.

GBEX strength is bridging the gap between the financial world of today and the new world of tomorrow.

GBEX senior management team are comprised of successful financial services, gaming and marketing professionals with decades of experience in execution and innovation. Real thought leaders pushing the boundaries to create and move the industry forward while leveraging GBEX relationships and working closely with government and regulatory bodies around the world.

GBEX.CO is committed to providing a transparent and ethical exchange between interested parties. GBEX funds and personal data are protected with the most advanced encryption software, as well as the most vigorous cyber security solutions available today.

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