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EcoFinances is a multi – business company from the UK. Established in 1999 in Southampton, south of the UK. The Group is a gathering place of leading experts in fields such as e-commerce, banking and finance, information technology, real estate.


















The development of industry 4.0 led to the advent of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are the foundation for anonymous and cross-border transactions. No organization can participate in the process of cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrencies will be the future of world trading. The trading volume of the cryptocurrency market is currently at $300 billion, and is expected to reach $1 trillion by mid-2020 and $10 trillion into 2025. The supply of the cryptocurrency market is limited but the potential for development is immense. This is a rare potential investment opportunity in the financial market.

Financial markets are the backbone of each nation and the foundation of a country’s development. Every day thousands of billions of dollars are traded on financial markets such as: Forex, Stock, Bond … Profits from the financial sector are enormous.Large trading volume is an opportunity for companies, corporations and traders to make profit from spreads and growth in the market. All major companies and corporations in the world have a specialized research department to make profits in the financial markets. Popular types of financial trading: Forex, securities, bonds, cryptocurrencies…

The potential of the financial sector involves the participation of many large companies and corporations, including EcoFinances. Established in 1999 in Southampton, south of the UK. The Group is a gathering place of leading experts in fields such as e-commerce, banking and finance, information technology, real estate. Address: The Canute Rd, Southampton, UK.  

Since 2010, the Group has expanded its operations to the financial field, Recognizing the potential and strong growth potential of the financial industry in the future, the management of EcoFinances Group decided to expand the business market to the financial segment and related financial products.

In EcoFinances, there are three main Ecosystems such as: EFC AI TRADING BOT, EFC MINING, EFC STAKING.

EcoFinances trading system is operated by leading economists and trading experts in the world. EcoFinances can be traded on all Forex, Stock, Crypto exchanges in the world such as Nasdaq, NYSE, Binance, Houbi … Users can track the system’s trading transactions on the electronic board. The Group’s policies discloses 100% of all winning and losing orders. This helps transparency of business activities to create confidence for investors. 

Staking to get interest is a common way in financial markets. Investors deposit a number of coins that they own in the system to receive interest of those coins on a quarterly and yearly basis. At EcoFinances, we have the Staking EFC system, where people deposit EFC into the system to receive EFC interest quarterly and annually. The EFC that the investor sends into the system will be invested by the system to make a profit.

Mining is the foundation of cryptocurrencies. The common cryptocurrencies The world today is created more from mining such as: BTC, ETH, DASH,.. At EcoFinances, we have a system, a Mining Factory to mine cryptocurrencies. Profits from Mining are immense due to the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. We will launch this application in the Quarter 4th, 2020.

The potential of EcoFinances in the future:

With a huge foundation and support from the skilled financial expert , EcoFinances is confident to thrive in the financial fields in the future  when the financial needs are increasing. The right direction of the company is to focus only on developing core products and strengths of ecofinance. EcoFinance’s ecosystem is growing strongly and it is expected that by 2030, the official IPO will be conducted on London, UK stock exchanges. The potential of EcoFinances in the market is enormous, with the desire to become a big  boy in the financial field by 2030. EcoFinances Group and EcoFinances always try our best to make their dreams come true.

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