Chemical Wiki Offers Information about Glue, Sealants, and Removers/Converters for Professionals and Hobbyists alike

Those looking for information about glue, sealants, and removers/converters can turn to Peter Shapiro’s blog titled Chemical Wiki. It offers a lot of information about the topic and he includes brands that he thinks are the best for their intended task.

When it comes to glue, sealant, cleaners, and removers/converters, there is only one place online to turn to, ChemicalWiki. It offers a wealth of information that can be used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The blog was started by Peter Shapiro, a DYI enthusiast himself with a master’s in Chemistry. His blog is a passion project that started as a hobby that gradually turned into a responsibility to share what he has learned through the years and those from other experts. His page on glue along is filled with content such as “Best Hot Glue Gun,” “Best Glue For Leather,” and “Best Glue For Metal.” And he has more dedicated pages for different materials. There is a page for removers/converters, another page for cleaners, and another one for sealants. Peter Shapiro has helped countless people look for the best material for specific tasks they need to complete.

Peter has helped so many people decide on what type of glue to get for specific tasks. He has been asked so many questions about this particular topic that he made several blogs on the matter. His post on the best type of hot glue guns is a great example. Being a handy and convenient tool in completing any type of project, hot glue guns are a hot commodity but this also means there are brands that fail to deliver on their promise. Those types break easily and could cause serious harm to users. By compiling a list of the best models from different brands, Chemical Wiki was able to inform a lot of people what to look for in a particular hot glue gun, including features and price points.

The post on wood glue was also a hit, especially amongst his carpentry professional and hobbyist. Wood glue is almost invaluable for those working with wood. At times, they are a better alternative to nail and screws. Peter Shapiro listed the top brands of wood glue he thinks are the best ones in the market. He based his list on bonding strength, wood-to-wood joinery, and all-purpose glue. In the post, he details each type of product and how they fare in those three criteria. He also included the pros and cons of each product.

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