Notebook Publishing: Named Best Book Publishing House 2019

Created to fill a gap in the publishing market, Notebook Publishing offers a truly unique alternative to traditional book publishing and self-publishing which is designed to change the industry for the better. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s UK Enterprise Awards we profile it and share the secrets behind its phenomenal success.

Notebook Publishing was launched and built in direct consideration to the pain points experienced by aspiring writers across the globe. Owner and founder Hayley Paige was once just an aspiring writer. At the age of twenty-one, Hayley sought out hundreds of literary agents and publishers for her debut work, but all to no avail.

Through her experience she realised that traditional publishers would only ever invest in ‘the safe options’, authors who were already known or whose work could be marketed as similar to an existing favourite, with new and inventive projects and riskier concepts not afforded the time or resources.

Without another option, Hayley made the decision to self-publish. It soon became apparent that this would never work due to the fact that self-publishing authors were required to have in-depth knowledge and extensive skills in every aspect of the writing and publishing process, from editing and typesetting right through to cover design, distribution and marketing. As such, Hayley’s first book was not a success. 

It became apparent, at this point, that there was no solution to this issue availed on the market at the time. There was the traditional route, which was notoriously difficult to break and that demanded extortionate royalties and a loss of rights and control, or then the independent route, which, more often than not, would result in a highly unprofessional book, whether in terms of overall quality, cover design, inadequate marketing or a lack of exposure. There were also the vultures and sharks of the industry-the ‘vanity presses’-that were often found to be circling; they were looking to take huge payments for basic publication whilst taking all the rights and often undertaking no marketing, leaving many books to fail

All of this highlighted a gap in the market, which Hayley decided to fill by creating Notebook Publishing. Since launching, it has positioned its authors’ books as Best Sellers. She is now an International Best Selling author and directs her time and effort to positioning her authors to achieve the same, and all while ensuring they are positioned on the same high platform as those traditionally publishing but allowing them to retain complete rights and royalties.

This a key aspect which differentiates Notebook Publishing from its competitors in the industry. This is because one of the most common problems in the publishing industry is that, when publishing traditionally, publishing houses can take up to 85% of an author’s royalties for the lifetime of the book’s success. This is also the case across a number of paid publishing houses, although this tends to be hidden from the writer. The team behind Notebook Publishing believe this to be completely unethical, and as a result all of their writers keep 100% of their royalties, forever. The company charges for its high-level, professional book-publishing services, but there are never any additional costs or charges, allowing for a transparency and trust that cannot be found elsewhere in the book publishing market.

From book-writing mentoring programmes, complete with individual book blueprints to assist in the writing of a book, through to complete high-quality publication and worldwide availability across thousands of distribution, retail and wholesale channels, Notebook Publishing is setting the huge goal of changing the publishing industry. The firm is offering an innovative approach to the traditional model which has not been changed in many years and is now outdated and ineffective.

The company also offers a selection of unique services, including its approach to cover creation with a view to creating something that will really speak to readers and draw them to purchase any given book. Devised and copyrighted by Founder Hayley Paige, this blueprint, guiding the design and creation of Notebook Publishing’s book covers, is exclusive to the publishing house and is therefore not available anywhere

else. The Cover Creation Code (CCC) has been outlined following years of experience in the book-publishing arena, with a great deal of time and research invested in identifying the most fundamental elements inherent in any Best Selling book’s cover design. The results of this research led to the creation of this blueprint, which is now applied across all of the firm’s publications, helping to lead its authors towards that highly sought-after Best Seller status.

Such a vast array of services has led to the firm working with a wide range of writers, including high-level professionals who work with the firm in writing and publishing about business and professional pursuits.

With technology remaining a threat to traditional hobbies such as reading, the book publishing industry has to evolve and adapt in order to continue to survive and thrive. Notebook Publishing is driving these changes through its unique service offering and the unique viewpoint that its owner brings as an author herself.

As a result of Notebook Publishing’s immense popularity with authors who are keen to work with a new business model that prioritises their needs, not those of their publishing house, the firm has expanded over the years and created new imprints including Black Cherry Publications, which is dedicated exclusively to the publication of erotica. The firm is also currently in the process of developing an imprint focused on publishing children’s literature called Emmie Press, which will help Notebook Publishing to enter into this exciting and important market.

Looking ahead, over the coming years the book publishing industry is set to flourish, with 191 million physical books sold in the UK in 2018 alone and estimates putting the figures to rise in the future. Book-lovers and book-writers continue to increase in number, which will create many exciting opportunities for Notebook Publishing. 

Seeking to capitalise on these opportunities and the growth it is seeing in the market, Notebook Publishing’s focus moving forward is on getting as many amazing books into print and available to the reading masses, allowing everyday writers to enjoy

the same high-quality platform as traditionally published authors, without ever needing to sacrifice their control or rights.

Alongside its focus on enhancing its portfolio of published books, the firm is also keen to expand its focus into new services to ensure it remains at the very cutting-edge of the latest market developments and able to offer clients the services they need. As part of this focus, as a complement to its ghost writing and bookwriting mentoring programmes, Notebook Publishing is now in the late stages of finalising a number of courses and book-writing tools, which will be offered through its Notebook Academy.

Additionally, Notebook Publishing will be offering a unique Writers’ Retreat, which is set to take place in the USA this coming Autumn. This will be an exclusive three-day event, with Hayley Paige, Notebook’s owner and founder, Chief Editor and Publishing Consultant, who is, herself, an International Best Selling Author, running the intensive and highly sophisticated workshops. During the retreat, a select few attendees (notably no more than 20) will experience the luxury of beautiful log cabins, whilst learning of some of the most productive and lucrative book-writing techniques, and how to market and earn status and income through the publishing process.

Ultimately, these developments will help drive Notebook Publishing to even greater notoriety within the publishing industry over the years ahead. Despite the previous fears over the advent of such devices as Kindles and eReaders, traditional publishing remains a buoyant industry, and with a truly unique business model Notebook Publishing looks set to revolutionise the way in which publishers and authors interact as it looks towards a bright future.

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