Innovative definition of anti-sugar drink, GLOW RECIPE Launches on the “world’s first screen” NASDAQ screen in New York

Autumn is the season of harvest! In this autumn, GLOW RECIPE also ushered in a fruitful harvest season. After being included by Foodbev the world`s top 100 companies in the UK, GLOW RECIPE has another good news this year.

Attention! GLOW RECIPE launches on the first screen in the world.

New York is the world’s most important financial and economic center!

New York Times Square, New York City Center, a world-class landmark integrating culture and finance, has a history of more than 100 years. It is located in Manhattan, New York City. Because of its world status and popularity, it is also known as the “crossroads of the world”.


NASDAQ large screen, the landmark building of New York Times Square, is rated as “the first screen in the world” for its large screen area and wide influence in the world. It is a dream glory for global enterprises to be on the “first screen of the world”. Many international famous enterprises including apple, Alibaba, JD and Facebook have appeared here, the best windows for enterprises to “attract the world’s attention”. It is located in the center of fame and wealth with more than 300,000 tourists a day and about 100 million people a year. It not only shows the absolute strength of an enterprise to the world, but also marks that the enterprise will play an immeasurable influence in the international market in the future.

After many international enterprises all over the world launched the Nasdaq, the publicity photo of GLOW RECIPE Bird’s Nest Crystal Drink was broadcast on the big screen of NASDAQ in New York Center on November!

As we all know, in the “crossroads of the world” with huge traffic volume, the “first screen of the world” has received a high degree of media attention, which can be called the attention of all! After being included in the famous British food magazine, GLOW RECIPE has been on the world stage for the second time, proving its brand strength to the world again. GLOW RECIPE can speak to the world and show its charm, which is a milestone for GLOW RECIPE brand!


Go ahead with honor! GLOW RECIPE set sail again on NASDAQ

Since the appearance of GLOW RECIPE, it has made many outstanding achievements. Since the official appearance of CCTV, the authoritative media, it is honored to be the official marketing cooperative brand of the National Day gift film My People, My Country and officially landed in Shanghai high-speed railway station; GLOW RECIPE has also been favored by Zhang Shaohan, the “frozen age goddess”, who personally tested and pushed, and the official propaganda has become GLOW RECIPE’ s star recommender. Therefore, the success of GLOW RECIPE is not an accident, but the result of steady and steady step by step.


GLOW RECIPE will continue to maintain international quality, gradually carry out global strategy, make contribution to global ladies’ anti sugar and anti oxygen, and fundamentally solve the skin aging problem of them in the world.

As a pioneer, GLOW RECIPE has filled in the market gap since it was launched. It has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “building youth firewall for ladies around the world”, and it is aiming at internationalization and touches the future with innovation. GLOW RECIPE will set sail again on Nasdaq, the New York Center!

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