Success Coach Jennifer Longmore Launches ‘365 Bombs’, a Spiritual Calendar for Wealth, Well-Being and Growth

November 29, 2019Wondering where the real source of energy is? Is it possible to access the super-consciousness, and unlock the doors to abundance and success? Success coach and money mindset expert Jennifer Longmore has come out with ‘365 Wisdom Bombs’, the ultimate collection of insights derived from the deep Akashic cosmos.

‘365 Wisdom Bombs’ Kindle edition is available for purchase from Amazon.

Did you know that you hold the power to manifesting your ultimate reality? Sometimes all you need is a dose of daily wisdom!” says Jennifer, who has been in touch with her spiritual energies and exploring the deep universe ever since she was a baby!

Many today are stuck with old baggage, are not able to come out of present circumstances, but aspire for new beginnings. Some are just plain tired of starting over again, with no transformation in sight. For all these lost souls, Jennifer has brought together 365 Wisdom Bombs that are bound to rekindle the fire within.

Readers of ‘365 Bombs’ will find a divine source of wisdom for each day of the year. There are also 12 spiritually aligned themes for each month. These wisdom bombs are meant to inspire, activate energy levels, and amplify manifestations. Each nugget of wisdom is like a step towards living the soul’s purpose.

‘365 Bombs’ is also the ultimate spiritual calendar for those who believe in the power of manifestation, becoming attraction magnets and the power of gratitude for creating abundant wealth.  

Jennifer Longmore is recognized as North America’s soul purpose expert. She is famous as the reader of Akashic Records, and the founder of the #1 Akashic Record Training School. Her mission: get as many souls aligned on the path to joy and success.

This is the perfect fix for getting your daily dose of spiritually aligned wisdom, and it makes a thoughtful and sacred gift for the spiritual-minded friend in your life!” says Jennifer.

Jennifer exemplifies the power of her teachings. She created a 6-figure enterprise within 10 months of launching the coaching practice. A five time best-selling author and creator of Heal Your Money Story Certification, Jennifer conducts high level private and group coaching programs, using her innate ability to visualize an entire business, and locating the hidden jackpots for huge returns. Till date, Jennifer has conducted over 30,000 life purpose sessions, and touched the lives of over 100,000 souls around the world.

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