ROYBI to become a game changer for children learning languages | by BoostYourCampaign

Interactive robot designed to teach new languages to young children to be produced after its successful crowdfunding campaign on

ROYBI unveiled its plans to make its AI-powered robot — that teaches languages and skills to children — available to the general public, as well as put it into mass production.

All parents want a bright future for their children. However, with the growing requirements of the modern age, kindergartens and schools do not always succeed in this mission of giving them the specific skills needed in an uncertain future. 

The current education system treats all children the same way, often failing to take into account the abilities, skills and interests of an individual child. Children don’t always have the opportunity to practice the knowledge they learn at school. And when parents are busy, children often become addicted to screens to overcome their boredom. ROYBI has been designed with all these issues in mind. 

As we prepare children to become leaders in a future far different from our own, we at ROYBI feel it is necessary to revise our current educational practices to meet childrens changing needs better,” says Elnaz Sarraf, CEO of ROYBI.

The robot uses over 70,000 words and 500 topics to teach children different languages at their own pace. Thanks to this personalized approach, the robot can also be used by children with speech delay to develop their speaking and give them plenty of practice. 

Besides language teaching, ROYBI also introduces children to STEM and primary skills. The AI-powered robot easily adjusts its interactive lessons, games, stories, songs and the rest of its engaging content toa child’s abilities, needs and interests. To make learning even more fun, ROYBI uses a tiny screen on its belly to visualize the taught content and give feedback.  

In addition, ROYBI is equipped with facial recognition, which means that it starts socializing with the child once it notices them around and offers them emotional support when needed. 

The intuitive app on iOS and Android allows parents to not only customize lessons for their children, but also track their progress.

The robot is powered by a huge digital library of educational materials, which can be constantly updated

With its long list of unique features, ROYBI is a game changer. It is indeed the next evolutionary step in the field of language learning and education. 

The robot can be pre-ordered on the campaign’s Indiegogo page with 40% off, here:

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