Lutra aims to become the world’s first stabilized currency, entirely decentralized through AI and governed by monetary policy

While the world is acknowledging the potential of blockchain technology revolutionizing the world financial systems which is why new cryptocurrency projects/startups are emerging every day, yet the truth remains the same that majority of the projects are driven to provide more profits to investors over the primary users. This is why the Lutra team is committed to providing equal financial opportunities to all using their stabilized currency that is governed by the monetary policy.

Lutra has considered the fact that even with the ongoing digital currency revolution, about 1.7 Billion people are still excluded from the global financial system because their lifetime value to financial institutions is negative. A stable digital currency, thus, mitigates the problems of value erosion and negative LTV as it will retain a stable long-term value relative to the US dollar, with a negligible onboarding cost. The goal of global financial inclusion will be achieved by the universal accessibility of the Lutra wallet through which people can interact with the Lutra ecosystem and connect to the global financial infrastructure. Lutra also aims to liberalise opportunities through equitable distribution of the ecosystem expansion proceeds to its primary users. 

The Lutra ecosystem is providing the following solutions:

The Lutra Stablecoin, a universally accessible AI-driven decentralized stable coin governed by monetary policy.

LutraPay is a payment gateway that reduces transaction and chargeback costs and friction through ecosystem expansion and insurance fund.

LutraLending is a global micro-lending platform that facilitates access to low-cost funds for all stakeholders and qualified borrowers.

LutraTransfer enables the transfer of global and local funds directly from LutraWallet to recipient’s mobile wallet or account, and also addresses fraud in the global funds transfer space.

Lutra as an ecosystem will address the issues of global financial exclusion and value erosion, inflated cost of funds transfer and fraud, excessive cost of capital especially in developing markets, and high transaction fees incurred by online merchants.

Lutra has recently launched a token sale on its website as well as a fundraising campaign on in order for the team to complete its platform development and use-cases deployment. The demonstration of how the monetary policy stability protocol adjusts supply when price is stabilised at a point can be accessed here. More information about the project can be found on its official website

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