Elemental core built by the Silicon Valley team planning component a new blockchain credit system

Jeriff Rifkin predicted in the book “Zero-Round Cost Society” that the development of the Internet of Things and the sharing economy will lead to the birth of a zero-round cost society, and the capitalist society we know will no longer exist. According to recent surveys, collaborative sharing has broad economic potential.


Elemental core bulid by the Silicon Valley teamutilizes a 1+2 muti-chain structure, a combination of static ledger and dynamic storagetechnology, polymorphic nodes and a muti-disciplinary mechanism block chain technology, combined with the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence ecosystem to create a new intelligent ecosystem platform. Elemental core aims to create an efficient, secure and trusted shared economic ecosystem by using the Elemental core token (EMTC) to quantify and circulate value within the ecosystem!


Elemental core has completed the development of the underlying public chain and opened a full node wallet to provide POS mining. Elemental core next step is to develop an ERP system based on the underlying public chain of Elemental coreWith special code scanning equipmentEnabling enterprise purchase, production, sales and other data to be registered on the chainLet the products can retrospective to the sorceThus  create a new blockchain credit system.


Elemental core in order to attract more users to participate in the Elemental core consensus node, In addition to pos mining, there are plans to open POW and POC mining. Besides, The mall based on ERP traceability system,Enable consumers to query all raw material information of purchased products in the mall. 

For more information, please visit the official website: www.elemental-core.com

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