Mintedpr launches PR Services for startups

Get your product or news quickly to over 500 News/TV websites in 72hrs.

Are you a startup or into dropshipping and not getting the required result?

At the onset of a new venture, startup founders already have a lot on their plates — from raising funds for getting the business plan off the ground to introducing the product to the market. Other than that, entrepreneurs and business people frequently have constrained assets. These are on the whole potential reasons why executing PR methodologies is frequently neglected by new businesses.

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For many startups, public relations begins and ends with receiving a nod from TechCrunch. While TechCrunch is an incredible platform  (and a notice from them is no little accomplishment), there’s much more that goes into a triumphant PR methodology.

Startups that have a great product their customers love can benefit from public relations in more ways than one. Aside from the obvious benefit of publicity, entrepreneurs gain credibility

For a startup that hasn’t settled on a product customers love, press coverage can be a huge mistake. Despite popular belief, getting as much press attention as possible right out of the gate is rarely a good idea. If you’re an entrepreneur who is ready to start scaling, that nod from TechCrunch and mention from any famous blogger could be invaluable.

Instead of waiting to engage individuals at the exact moment you need something from them, try using a more proactive approach: start building relationships early on. There is incredible value in viewing the daily public relations of your startup as a two-way street.


That is why we have launched  Mintedpr to enable startups to get a PR they deserve at an early stage before the big mention. With our coverage, you are set to reach an audience of over 5 million people from the fraction of the cost  compared to what you will pay for ads on the well-known social network. 

As an introductory offer, we are giving out a 50% discount to all first-time users.  CODE: CYBER50

We currently have 3 Plans:

And our platinum plan is the most popular and gives you:

  • 500+ Guaranteed Placements  on Newspaper, Radio, TV Websites and Social Media including:
  • Google Inclusion 
  • Yahoo Inclusion 
  • Bing Inclusion 
  • Google News Inclusion 
  • Bing News Inclusion 
  • SEO Mass Ping
  • Financial Feeds
  • Social Media Blast
  • Blog Outreach

Implementing a results-driven PR campaign requires a lot of hard work, time, and dedication, especially for new ventures that, more often than not, need to create a solid reputation from the ground up. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do it alone.  We can also help you the  storytelling for the press release.

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