Fargo Software Company Develop Software Solution To Assist MSP Companies To Increase Their Revenues

Fargo Software Company Develop Software Solution To Assist MSP Companies To Increase Their Revenues

Fargo, ND – ConnectBooster, a forward-thinking and innovative software company based in Fargo ND, is today pleased to announce the launch of their ConnectBooster Product. This product has been designed from scratch to help solve one of the biggest challenges that most MSP’s face on a daily basis – billing automation. 

In addition to making the billing process run smoothly, the company has put systems in place to ensure that the client onboarding process runs smoothly. In the vast majority of cases, this process has been automated.  

Most managed service providers are focused predominantly on the sales process, which makes sense as that is ultimately what drives up income and revenue. However, without a robust onboarding and automated billing system, there is a significant risk that many hard-won new clients, will move to another competitor if the onboarding system is complex, or if the billing process does not run as they expect.  

“As a business, we aim to solve the biggest problems that managed service providers face, and after intensive research, onboarding and billing were by far and away the biggest issues,” said a spokesperson for ConnectBooseter. “We have put a lot of time and resources into developing this new software, and are confident that there is nothing else as simple and efficient on the market today. Once managed service providers try ConnectBooster, we are confident that they will stay with us for a long time to come.”  

ConnectBooster is a locally owned and operated software company that is focused on delivering solutions for managed service providers. With their software, clients can automate real recurring revenue for their business. They can set up automated billing for their clients just one time and eliminate late payments forever. They can then stop spending time on collections every month, ensuring that the cash flow in the business is no longer a monthly issue.

For more information about the company, and to discuss their software visit their website at https://www.connectbooster.com/

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