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Bitu.ex has been positioned as an international exchange since the beginning. Therefore, when Bitu.ex started, it covered a large number of overseas countries, such as Japan, Korea, Spain, France, Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, China And other countries and regions, of which, U.S. users accounted for the largest proportion, about 23.9%, followed by Chinese users, accounting for about 19%.

The person in charge of bitu.ex said that since its birth in early 2018, after nearly two years of development, from an international perspective, biut.ex currently has a surge in users compared to last year, and the proportion of users in other countries is not large. The change is still led by about 1/4 of U.S. users.

From the perspective of the person in charge of bitu.ex, Southeast Asia is very attractive to bitu.ex. For example, Singapore itself is a country that has a high degree of acceptance of digital currency culture and technology. Projects and talents. Therefore, for bitu.ex, the attractiveness of Southeast Asia to bitu.ex is not only due to the degree of openness of digital currencies in countries such as Singapore, but also the low labor costs in Southeast Asia, but it is highly in line with the English-speaking world.

In the future, bitu.ex will consider establishing branch offices in Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore in an attempt to open up the Southeast Asian market based on these countries.

“Europe is also the area we are focusing on.” The person in charge of bitu.ex said. From a global perspective, in terms of the number of blockchain projects, Europe is also a key area for major global exchanges, and The United Kingdom is the leader in Europe, accounting for nearly 40% of the entire European market.In 2020, bitu.ex will open a European office in London and plans to use this as a starting point to provide over-the-counter trading in the European market.

In addition, some small countries in Europe will also be the choice of bitu.ex, such as Malta. Many of these small European countries will attract global blockchain companies with a highly open cryptocurrency policy. The Prime Minister of Malta even welcomes digital currency exchanges in public. Malta has established an office and said “Malta’s cryptocurrency regulatory framework will be the best in the world.”

In the process of BITU.EX’s global evolution, the BITU.EX team will also pay attention to the differences in user habits in various countries and regions. For example, when users in the United States use Internet products, they tend to have simple and concise designs because it looks like this Professional products can also increase user trust, such as Uber. Uber user interface, simple and professional style, key information such as route, price, etc. at a glance, the color tone is mainly black and white, gray and blue, without any fancy ornaments. The Internet products they use are more grounded in style and relatively rich in color, such as Didi. Didi is more lively, flexible and grounded than Uber in details such as UI design and greetings. “China Internet”.

In addition, in the process of global evolution, bitu.ex will also actively expand resources such as local media kol in order to expand the influence of bitu.ex locally and globally.

At the same time, the person in charge of bitu.ex also recognized that more and more exchanges around the world are positioning themselves as “internationalized exchanges”. Therefore, bitu.ex is in the process of global evolution. The competition to be faced will also be fierce. Moreover, as countries have introduced stricter digital currency trading policies and fierce competition between “international” exchanges, bitu.ex exchanges may face even more severe Global evolution road situation.

“Licenses may be a beneficial weapon for breakthrough.” Therefore, BITU.EX will actively obtain US MSB (Money Services Business) and other licenses while operating in compliance in the future, so as to prepare for the breakthrough of BITU.EX, BITU.EX achieves cornering overtaking in the global blockchain boom.

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