Inovare Designs sells cool and innovate gadgets on Amazon

Fernando Azevedo, CEO of Inovare Designs is a electronic engineer that always loved cool gadgets. Although spending his engineering graduation assembling electronic circuits, he had never had a chance to work with electronics.

His career started in finance, then he started software companies and finally he entered digital marketing. In 2019, he took a chance trying to reconnect with his dream to work with electronics.

He ordered a product from an overseas manufacturer. “I found this product called seat gap pocket organizer and it was love at first sight. It’s a pocket organizer that fits between the car seat gap and the center console. You can use to stop things from falling over on that gap, but also to store small items like phone, wallet, keys”. He added some usb ports to the gap organizer making it a perfect product to charge small electronic appliances like a phone for example.


To sell this new gadget, Fernando had to go over some obstacles. He needed to promote the product, find the right sale platform and get people to try it. He decided to sell on Amazon and it wasn’t easy. “Our first order had a problem with Amazon’s labels. We had to remove 1,000 units from Amazon, send it to a warehouse in California to re label them. When the products were finally back to Amazon, they didn’t sell well in the beginning.”

Fernando decided he needs social media influencers to promote his new product. He contacted some friends who agreed to test the product. “Luckily they liked it and decided to show it.” – said Fernando.

After 1 month, Fernando noticed another problem. He was using the pocket organizer in his car and a woman crossed the street looking at the other side. “I hit the brakes really hard and my gap filler slided forward and fell. There was a big red flag for me. I did not want my product to fall while the car was moving.”

So Fernando decided to remove the remaining products again from Amazon and add velcro strips so the buyers could hold the seat gap organizer in place and it wouldn’t slide.

After a few months, the seat gap filler from Inovare Designs started to sell naturally and Inovare Designs started getting some amazing reviews. Fernando added different models and he even added a bike phone bag targeting mountain bikers. “For us, the client’s experience must also be as good as the product, we don’t sell dumb happy lifestyle like other brands do, we sell a new smart sexy conscious lifestyle for people who live constantly in personal growth mode. These products are for doers, game changers, not for ‘sheeps’. They deserve our attention so we can help them achieve more.”

Later, he decided to add a fingerprint padlock to his online store, then an electric wine aerator and he even started making wine travel bags.

“Our focus is having a sexy design, with durable quality. Our products need to be very sexy and modern, and to serve a rigorous client, we need quality and testing. We are inspired by modern artists, sexy Italian cars designs like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alpha Romeo and Maserati, but with a pinch of Tesla, a pinch of Apple, a base of sustainability and a new way to see the future of America based on brotherhood.”

The name “Inovare Designs” combines Fernando’s passion for Entrepreneurship (Innovare in Italian meaning innovate), and also the sexy appeal of Italian designs specially in cars. Fernando decided to drop the double “n” from Innovare to ‘Inovare’ to make it easier to write and also to create a new word on the same word that means “innovate”.


When asked about the challenges for 2020, Fernando said: “The competition is experienced and well capitalized, but we make sure our products are the most innovative with exceptional quality. We treat our clients like family and they feel that.”

Fernando is organizing a team to reach new goals in 2020. According to him, social media, and online sales will be Inovare Designs’ bets for 2020. He is now planning a trip meet new suppliers that can handle his quest for innovation, quality and modern innovative designs.

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